#131- Michael Wade- Quick point guard with great defensive poise; he moves extremely well on both sides of the ball and bothers opponents with his quickness. Wade gets to the rim at will and finishes a strong majority of his attempts. He’s smart and reads the floor quite well.


#210- Bryson Nesbit- Versatile two-way forward prospect; he has a lot of translatable skills and can play as the main creator for a team. Nesbit attacks the defense with aggression and does a great job of working the dribble-penetration.


#221- Davis Guyton- Strong-bodied big man with deep range and great utilization of his body; he has three-level scoring ability, but typically sets up from beyond the arc. Guyton rebounds well and knows his role within a team setting.


#237- Nikola Vuksanovic- Big man with size and nice timing as a rim-protector; he plays very hard and pursues the ball with great purpose. Vuksanovic runs the floor and knows how to make a defensive impact with his length.


#70- Kadyn Dawkins- Small point guard with great playmaking instincts; he’s a capable all-around scorer, but a better creator and distributor. Dawkins displayed genuine pride in his defense and plays with a fundamental approach on both sides of the ball.


#158- Chase Dawkins- Athletic combo-guard prospect with polish and skill; he’s been among the top two-way players today. Dawkins is really unselfish and does a great job of creating for teammates and distributing the ball evenly.


#178- Glenn Bynum Jr.- Off-guard prospect with impressive leadership skills, both on and off the court, and a quality two-way feel for the game. He constantly communicates and applies scoring pressure from all levels on the floor.


#201- Javon Outlaw- Slashing wing prospect with phenomenal length and attack-first mentality; he displays good vision and works hard on defense. The improved consistency of his shooting will be the x-factor of his recruitment.


#180- Dean Reiber- Skilled big man with fundamental approach to the game; he scores efficiently on three levels and knows how to consistently create off the dribble. Reiber is smart, has great two-way instincts, and displays nice touch around the basket.


#182- Bryce Causey- Well-rounded wing prospect with great complementary skillset and ability to play his game with any group of teammates. Causey possesses an excellent motor and knows how to make a consistent impact on the game.


#230- Brandon Franklin- Intriguing forward prospect with a smooth three-point stroke and great size for his position. He has solid length, athleticism, creation ability, and should continue to improve throughout the year.


#234- David Elien Jr.- Long-armed big man that knows how to dominate a game as the lead rebounder and rim-protector. He has intelligence to go with his impeccable timing on defense and terrific touch on offense.