The second day of Phenom’s November Classic carried onward with another star-studded matchup of Moravian Prep versus TLAP Sports Academy. Though Moravian Prep has lost multiple pieces, they opened this game with confidence behind the leadership of 6’6 ’21 BJ Freeman, resulting in a 14-12 lead after the first quarter. That being said, TLAP’s balanced, unselfish approach allowed them to bounce back and regain control of the lead at 29-30 going into halftime. After more contributions from guys like 6’3 ’22 Jackson Holt, 5’11 ’22 Hamilton Campbell, and 6’10 ’22 Corneilous Williams, Moravian seized the lead at 50-48 to end the third quarter. TLAP continued to fight behind the play of 6’9 ’21 Jaquan Scott but fell short to Moravian Prep by a score of 73-68. 

6’6 ’21 BJ Freeman (Moravian Prep)

After the aforementioned roster turnover, Freeman could be found as the clear offensive focal point of this group. Between his overall skill and perimeter shooting, he caused plenty of matchup problems and regularly found ways to create opportunities with the ball in his hands. Freeman displays quality rebounding instincts, great tools as a defender, and offers a reliable presence in transition. 

6’3 ’22 Jackson Holt (Moravian Prep)

Given the amount of talent on this roster, folks tend to forget about Holt and how effortlessly he causes problems for opponents. He moves very well without the ball and plays an extremely low-maintenance game, which allows him to make a constant impact as a spot-up threat. Holt possesses picturesque shot mechanics, only requires a glimmer of space to get off clean looks, and can reposition and hit shots off of one or two dribbles. 

6’9 ’21 Jaquan Scott (TLAP Sports Academy)

The appeal should be fairly obvious with someone like Scott, who looks and moves like a high-level prospect. He plays with a high motor, disrupts a lot of action defensively, and rebounds at a nonstop rate on both ends of the floor. Scott possesses impressive IQ and two-way versatility, showing the necessary skill to create off the bounce and athleticism to protect the rim or defend in space. He’s great in transition, both with or without the ball, and offers a fairly complete identity on either side of the ball. 

6’6 ’21 Harold Thompson (TLAP Sports Academy)

While this team is littered with quality athletes, Thompson might be their most explosive player on the roster. He’s long, fluid, unselfish, and finds ways to contribute within the flow of the action. Thompson defended multiple positions, ran the floor hard in transition, and moved extremely well without the ball, which made him a constant threat to score or finish alley-oops. He certainly has the makings of a useful next-level player.