There are circumstances in high school sports that can sound too good to be true, but this Moravian Prep roster has truly become more competitive by the day and should be one of the most exciting new-look programs in the area. They have done a quality job of bringing in kids and providing them with an opportunity to play at the collegiate level. Last year's team had a slew of prospects that earned scholarships from all levels, but their new additions should have something special in store. This program is usually relevant and they consistently contend for Prep School Championships, which includes two titles in the last five seasons. So what else is in store'


Well, this season should yield impressive results. They've brought in various notable prospects: Javarzia Belton, Caleb Burgess, Tyzhaun Claude, Josh Hall, and Omarion Jay among others. This lineup alone should allow Moravian to compete with anyone in the region, but their depth will be what puts them over the top and secures victories.


Each of these guys brings something unique to the table. Belton is a strong-bodied big man that simply swallows any ball that enters his area, especially on blocks and rebounding opportunities. He isn't going to light up the scoreboard, but Belton is the type of physical presence that every team needs to succeed. It certainly doesn't hurt that he stands at a massive 6-foot-9 with possibly the most muscle definition of any prospect in the country.


Meanwhile, his year-round frontcourt mate, Jay, should also have no issues making his presence felt. His frame welcomes and absorbs contact extremely well around the basket; he's a strong finisher with soft touch over either shoulder. Jay is fairly swift for his size and displays solid footwork on offense. His 'bully-ball' style of play can instill fear in opponents and typically results in high scoring and rebounding totals. Despite his stocky frame, Jay also stands at a comfortable 6-foot-9.


Though the frontcourt seems pretty full, Belton and Jay will have to make room for Claude, who is arguably the most polished two-way player of the group. At 6-foot-8, he's a likely fit at the power forward position, but also possesses the ability to step out to the perimeter and knock down jumpers. Claude has an excellent blend of length, strength, and athleticism, making him a difficult assignment for most defenders. He plays with a consistently high motor and shows flashes of versatility on both ends of the floor.


It's likely that we'll see Burgess running the point guard position on this Moravian squad, seeing as he's the most capable player for the job. We've seen the 6-foot-3 prospect in a variety of settings, but this could definitely be the most intriguing, given his surrounding cast. Burgess is a well-rounded athlete with solid playmaking and scoring abilities. He scores the ball efficiently from all three levels and harnesses his superior toughness at all times, able to take an absolute beating on penetration chances and still finish the play. The combo-guard could emerge in a variety of ways, but there's a strong likelihood that he'll be playing Division I basketball in a year.


The final addition to this squad, Hall, is probably the most unique prospect on the roster, due to his length, guard skills, and ability to score from any spot on the floor. The 6-foot-8 forward should be a dominating presence for Moravian, especially on offense, where he's been controlling the action since entering high school. Hall can generate a shot from anywhere and has terrific ball-handling ability for his size. He's a walking mismatch against most opponents, but he maintains a pretty straightforward approach on offense and understands how to manipulate defenders into giving him clean looks. Hall is already so talented, but it's likely that his best basketball is yet to come.


It's easy to envision a successful upcoming season at Moravian Prep, especially given their influx of star-studded transfers, but they'll need to adapt to one another quickly. The additions of guards Austin Hadden and Chance Keyes Jr. will provide this roster with some real backcourt depth. This group already has eight or nine legitimate college-level basketball recruits, and that number could continue growing into the season.