6’9 2020 Justus Shelton: PSB McCarthy

Shelton is a guy the Phenom Hoops Staff is very familiar with.  His combination of length, motor, and basketball IQ make him a really nice prospect.  Now that he’s shown he can add strength and consistency on his finishing ability around the rim, displaying some nice post-moves and flashes of high level footwork.  It’s hard to look at Shelton as anything other than a scholarship level prospect. 

6’4 2021 Blane St Clair: PSB Elite 16U

St Clair is such a valuable piece to this PSB squad with his 3 level scoring capabilities, willingness to get his hands dirty on the defensive end, and rebounding ability for a wing guard.  He guards multiple positions on the floor, brings a lot of energy, athleticism, and skill, and is showing that he should be viewed as a D1 prospect.  The move over to Moravian Prep should help his physical attributes, and he’ll have a chance to really hit his stride as a prospect around this time next summer.  Really excited to see where this goes for St Clair in the future. 

6’3 2019 Braylan Grice: WBC Elite

Grice is a guy on this WBC Elite squad that doesn’t always get the attention he deserves with his ability to defend much bigger guys and do the dirty work on a possession to possession basis.  His willingness to guard guys that are nearly half a foot taller than him is impressive to go with the fact that he’s often winning rebound battles with these guys.  As he continues to show his prowess as a high level glue guy, there’s no reason why someone shouldn’t take a chance on him as a late addition to their 2019 class. 

6’3 2021 Janyle Pittman: Carolina Pressure 16U

One of the most explosive athletes in the entire event, Pittman showed his ability to soar over the defense in his first game of the day.  His timely buckets came in clutch for this Carolina Pressure squad, and to go with his leaping abilities, he’s an elite on ball defender that does a great job making the oppositions life difficult.  He’s a name for regional low-mid majors to be tracking in the coming months as his emerging skillset matches with the god gifted athleticism.  A really exciting player to watch. 

6’7 2020 Giancarolos Bastianoni: Atlanta All-Stars

Bastianoni is a smooth combo forward that finds a way to impact the game in a variety of ways.  He makes those around him better with his excellent vision, he can score it down low using his size and footwork, and he’s a smooth perimeter threat that can space the floor if needed.  He looks to have all the makings of a D1 kid, although this is the first time I’ve watched him play, it’s really clear that he is vital this Atlanta All-Stars squad. 

6’0 2019 David Murphy: NC Empire

Murphy is an elite scorer, getting his shot off literally whenever he wants, using an array of dribble moves to get into his pull-up or to the cup.  He has a knack for creating enough space to get a shot off, and he just has the ability to get into a zone where nobody can guard him.  He’s a kid that will likely have to go the JuCo route, but will find a way to be a contributor from day one wherever he lands due to his ability to create offense. 

6’3 2020 Trevon Williams: DTA Elite

Williams is an incredibly smooth combo guard that can get the job done at all three levels and defend either backcourt spot with purpose.  His ability to play either on or off the ball effectively make him an incredibly enticing prospect. He can shoot it off the catch or dribble, finish above the rim, and play an efficient brand of basketball in the process.  There’s no reason to believe that he won’t have a lot of mid-major stuff after the live period, his combination of productivity and flare is just too much to ignore. 

6’7 2020 Kelton Talford: Carolina Pressure

Talford is a hot name among regional low-mid majors due to his combination of touch, size, athleticism, and defensive potential.  He’s a mobile combo forward that could conceivably defend 4 positions on the floor due to his lateral quickness.  His footwork on the block is impeccable, and he should become an even bigger name among MM coaches after the live period.

6’7 2020 Nick Pringle: TMP Elite 17U

Pringle is a high level forward that plays above the rim at all times.  His athleticism, energy, and overall motor are vital to this TMP squads success.  He comes up with timely plays at both ends of the court, grabbing rebounds, giving the ball up, and sprinting down the court with purpose.  He’s a no brainer scholarship kid that should continue to garner traction with college coaches throughout the month of July.

6’10 2022 Deante Green: Team CP3 2022

On a team loaded with high level prospects, there’s a chance that Green is the best of the bunch.  His understanding of the game, physical tools, and emerging skillset, have Green looking the part as a high major kid.  He still has to stay in the gym to keep his trajectory in the right direction, but there’s no doubt in my mind that Green is a special prospect with a chance to accomplish many great things. 

6’7 2019 Zack Austin: Team Winston 17U

Austin had his own personal dunk contest in one of the late games on court 3 on saturday night.  He showed that his ability to soar over the defense was unstoppable when he wanted it to be.  His ability to rebound both backboards, and play that high energy role is incredibly intriguing to college coaches.  It appears that a prep year is a possible option for Austin, giving him an opportunity to round out his skillset even more before heading off to college.  Expect Austin to continue making waves in whatever event he’s playing in.