6’10 2020 Isaiah Todd: Trinity Academy of Raleigh

Isaiah Todd willed his Trinity Academy of Raleigh team to victory over Holly Springs after knocking down a walk off free throw with no time on the clock.  Todd is in the unicorn mold considering there really aren’t many predecessor’s to his blend of size, skill, tenacity, and moxie.  At 6’10 he is capable of creating his own jumper off the dribble and making those shots at a high rate.  He has touch on the block with a smooth jump hook over both shoulders to go with the ability to contort his large frame as he attacks the basket.  He’s a better passer than given credit for, capable of finding cutters while operating in the high post or at the top of the key.  His best attribute might be his rim protection, but no matter the way you look at it, Todd still belongs at or near the top of the 2020 class due to how high his ceiling truly is.  On top of what he does on the court, he’s one of the most down to earth “Big Time” guys you’ll ever come across, always carrying himself the right way, while maintaining a high level of intensity on the court.

6’11 2019 Kadin Shedrick: Holly Springs High School (UVA Signee)

Shedrick has had one hell of a transformation over the last 18 months, turning himself into a bonafide priority for some of the best High Majors across the country from a kid that was a bonafide D1 player, but not much more than that.  His work ethic is unquestioned, constantly working to improve his game, adding post moves to what is now an incredibly deep arsenal, extending his range to the 3 point line, and developing leadership abilities in hopes of taking Holly Springs to the promised land.  They took a tough loss to Trinity Academy, but Holly Springs is still an incredibly dangerous team as we begin to approach the state playoffs.

5’11 2021 Tyler Gill: Trinity Academy of Raleigh

Saturday Night was the best I’ve seen Tyler Gill play to date and he’s had his share of big games, but the way he ran his team in crunch time showed me the kind of Point Guard he can become.  He wasn’t afraid to take and make big time shots, a lot of them coming at key moments for Trinity.  He finished with 16 points on the night and threw a HUGE lob to Isaiah Todd in the closing moments giving them a three point lead before a Garrett Phillips 3 tied things up.  Gill is starting to really find a way to be an impact defender, using his quickness to execute traps, forcing turnovers, leading to easy buckets.  He has a chance to be a great point guard if he continues to work, and Saturday night was a big time step for the young prospect.

6’6 2021 Redford Dunton: Heritage High School

Dunton is one of the best prospects in North Carolina, in one of the deepest classes in recent memory.  He’s a highly skilled, athletic wing forward that brings a TON to the table in ways he can produce out on the court.  He took the game over for a couple of stretches in the 2nd half, showing his ability to score it from all three levels.  From 11-16 feet Dunton seemingly doesn’t know how to miss, knocking down shots off the catch, fading away, or pulling up off 1-2 dribbles.  He didn’t get the opportunity to showcase his vertical athleticism, but don’t mistake yourself… Dunton is a high flyer that should start to really gain serious traction in the recruiting department as he finishes off his sophomore season at Heritage.

6’2 2020 Chase Forte: Word of God Christian Academy

Forte has made a major impact since his return to action a few weeks ago, providing the Holy Rams with a steady force at the point guard spot, while bringing the element of pace back to the forefront with this team.  He’s excellent at pushing the break off of rebounds, finding streaking teammates or guys like Max Farthing spotting up in the corners.  He brings an unselfish nature along with a level of toughness that this Word of God team needed, they’re a much better team now that he’s around.  His teammates feed off his unselfish nature, and he should be someone to watch for scholarship coaches throughout the region as he approaches a big time summer.