#75 6’4 2023 William “Dice Royster (Greensboro, NC)

Royster is a super fluid young post player that will be attending Wesleyan Christian Academy to start his high school career and they have a lot to be excited about.  He’s a super mobile, athletic, young post player that uses his length to impact the game on the defensive end.  He had some highlight plays today, I’d be shocked if he didn’t have plenty more in the near future.

#48 5’10 2023 William Otto (Raleigh, NC)

Otto is a crafty floor general that can contribute to a team from either backcourt spot.  He’s comfortable shooting the 3 off the catch or bounce, and is willing to come off of screens to catch and let it fly quickly.  He had some captivating moments as well, showcasing his handle when he was attacking the rack.  He’s someone that should come into a JV team next year and contribute immediately.

#10 5’9 2023 Casian Richard (Asheville, NC)

Richard is someone that the Phenom staff is very familiar with, so I think a lot of the time we take what he brings to the table in every viewing for granted.  He can score it from anywhere on the court, and is extremely efficient from beyond the arc.  His vision is also a really important part of his game, setting guys up with passes most kids his age wouldn’t even think of making.  He played varsity ball @ Winston-Salem Christian this past year and should be a huge piece for them next season.

#20 5’6 2024 Drew Hollifield (Kings Mountain, NC)

Hollifield was an excellent two way presence all day today with his ability to create on offense, and force turnovers on the defensive end.  He has a really advanced understanding of the game for a kid of his age.  He comes from a family with an athletic background and it shows, he’s a true competitor that’s looking to win every game he plays, even if it’s a meaningless camp game.

#6 5’1 2025 Drew Johnson (Durham, NC)

Johnson was really good last weekend with his Save Sports 12U squad and continued to impress this weekend in a camp setting.  As one of the youngest kids here at camp today, he did more than just hold his own.  He scored it from all three levels, threw a bunch of slick dimes, and showcased his ability to compete with kids up to 2 years older than him.  Definitely one to keep an eye on.