It’s always great to get back in the gym for some camps and today’s #NCJrPhenom Session One has a ton of talent featuring some of the top 5-8th graders from seven states/provinces from two provinces.  Let’s take a look at some of the early day standouts!

5’0 2026 LJ Smith: Battleground Elementary (Lincolnton)

Smith did an excellent job early on asserting his presence as a point guard with his teammates, doing a good job keeping the ball moving and not wasting any time attacking in transition.  He has poise well beyond his years as one of the youngest kids in the camp.  He simply looks like he belongs out there, never rushed, always playing at his pace which is a refreshing thing to see from such a young player.

5’2 2024 Jonah Chandler Drye: Mount Pleasant Middle (Mount Pleasant)

Drye is excellent at finding ways to create space off the dribble using crafty footwork off the catch to give himself room for a good shot.  He’s another kid that understands the way the game should be played, always in the right place at the right time and never in a rush to make a decision.  He’s another one with a really nice skillset for a kid his age that has a chance if he continues to work/develop.

6’5 2023 Landon Johnson: Calvary Day (Clemmons)

Johnson has an incredible skillset considering his size and age with a unique ability to create his own jumper off the bounce and get it off at any given moment.  His mechanics need some touching up, but he plays with a ton of confidence and a high energy level, so expect Johnson’s name to be one talked about for years to come in the Triad and beyond.

5’5 2024 Marko Pandiloski Tomken Middle School (Mississauga, Ontario)

Pandiloski made the trip down to the HoopState and he’s done a great job making a name for himself with his ability to knock down shots.  He shoots it with excellent form and does a great job moving without the ball, making it easy for his teammates to find him for those open looks.  It’s always great to see a kid from so far away come and experience a Phenom camp, and it’s even better when they come and perform.

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