We are very lucky in the state of North Carolina to have a bevy of Summer Leagues, Jamborees, and Team Camps for all of the High School talent in the month of June.  The great people at Myers Park put together a one week Summer League featuring some of the 704s best.  Here’s my magical five from Tuesday nights action!  (Part One)

6’0 2023 Jaylen Curry: Vance High School

Curry is a young guard that the HoopState is going to know about sooner rather than later, he’s a really shifty and quick lead guard that gets wherever he wants on the court at just about any given time.  His ability to get by the initial defender and into the paint is natural and fun to watch.  As he adds strength, patience, and just an overall sense of what it’s like to play against kids a few years older than him, expect Curry to become a really productive guard and a Division one prospect in the near future.  He has been a key piece on CP3 2023, one of the best 2023 teams in the nation. 

6’6 2020 Peter Lash: Charlotte Christian

Lash is THE guy for Charlotte Christian this year with his versatility, shooting touch, and intriguing physical tools.  He should be a target for D2/D3 and even could find his way into the Patriot/Ivy league due to his high academic status.  He has enjoyed a successful summer thus far with PSB.  His ability to guard multiple positions, use his touch and footwork inside with his incredible range on the outside give him a real identity as a prospect.  A really productive player that should continue to garner next level attention. 

6’3 2021 Trae Benham: Concord First Assembly

Benham is one of the HoopState’s most under appreciated talents with his in the gym range, ability to create, and high level of toughness.  He plays the game with a chip on his shoulder, getting under the opponents skin with his non stop onslaught of threes, slick passes, and two way toughness. He can play either guard spot comfortably and has clearly embraced the weight room with some serious added strength.   A no brainer D1 prospect that should continue to pick up steam with his recruitment in the live period with CFA and then in July with PSB Elite 16U

6’8 2020 Garrett Hien: Concord First Assembly

Hien is an incredibly intriguing prospect with his crazy size and length to go with his shooting touch and athletic gifts.  He holds a handful of D1 offers and the trajectory of his recruitment is without a doubt headed in the right direction.  When on the perimeter he moves without the ball well, steps into his shot with a ton of confidence, and is a lethal threat from outside when he gets going.  On the interior he tries to dunk anything he can with legit touch over both shoulders on the block.  He needs to add strength, but he knows that and has continued to develop his body to prepare himself for the next level.  He was arguably PSB Elite 17U’s best player thus far in the spring, and he should continue to see his recruitment take off throughout the rest of the summer and into the high school season. 

6’5 2020 Tyrese Gwinn: Myers Park

Gwinn is the epitome of a high flyer, his explosiveness around the basket is what catches your attention right away, but what often gets lost in translation is his ability to impact the game defensively with his mobility and length.  Getting his arms into passing lanes and making life difficult for opposing wings/forwards is where he will make his money at the next level.  As he continues to round out his offensive game, and he has taken a step in the right direction, expect his recruiting to start to heat up in a major way.  Will be a huge contributor for this Myers Park squad that has a chance to accomplish some great things.