6’2 2021 Javonte Waverly: Henderson Collegiate School (NC)

Waverly continues to show his ability to impact the game in a variety of ways, he has a knack for making passes that most others just don’t even see.  His pull-up jumper is incredibly smooth, he elevates over the defender and lets it fly without hesitation.  As he improves his consistency from beyond the arc, and gets a little more explosive, there’s no reason why Waverly can’t be considered a MM+ kind of prospect.  He is incredibly vital to what this Henderson Collegiate squad does on a game to game basis, and is one of the most valuable players to their team in the state.  Even when it feels like he doesn’t have a great game, he finds a way to have a massive impact.  His ability to get under the opponents skin is also a huge part of what he does.

6’11 2022 Patrick Wessler: Butler High School (NC)

Wessler has arguably broke out more in the two Phenom Team Camp sessions than anybody else with his incredible combination of skill, size, youth, and continued room to grow.  He clearly understands how to play the game, he moves without the ball extraordinarily well, possesses a smooth touch out to the 3 point line, and timing on the defensive end.  As he continues to get more mobile, athletic, and stronger down low, expect a true national breakout to commence.  Wessler has a chance to be recruited at the national level if he continues to put the time in and stay healthy, he should be an incredibly important piece to a Butler team that has a chance to accomplish a lot of great things.

6’4 2020 Norance Berry: Moravian Prep (NC)

Berry is with his new squad for the first time after spending last weekend in New York with his former Christ School teammate Jalen Lecque and he looked to fit in seamlessly.  Playing on and off the ball, Berry found a way to leave his fingerprints on the game with his playmaking ability, and shooting touch, particularly from the corners.  His toughness will be extremely vital to this Moravian group, the on-ball defense and overall energy will surely help them win games next year, and earn Berry scholarships in the process.  As he continues to get more comfortable with his guys, expect Berry to have a really good senior year, on a team that has a chance to cement its status in the national conversation.

6’2 2022 James Wilkins: Calvary Day School (NC)

Wilkins makes everything go for what appears to be a really talented Calvary Day team, his ability to make others better, and take over a game offensively make him a really intriguing prospect in the 2022 class.  He’s a silky smooth playmaker that has really come into his own as a true point guard.  He learned from Citadel Signee Jackson Gammons last year, and looks to have really embraced a leadership role with this Calvary Day squad.  He’ll be playing in the summer with Team Felton 15u, and should continue to see his stock rise as he gets more explosive and adds strength.  A bonafide D1 prospect at this point.

6’8 2023 Callum Richard: Gaston Day School (NC)

Richard is an emerging young big in the HoopState with his incredible patience on the block, size, mobility, and athleticism.  He looks to have a chance to be very very special and with continued development could easily become one of the top guys in NC’s 2023 class.  His ability to finish around the rim, protect it at the other end, and move laterally defending ball screens make him incredibly enticing as a recruit.  With further development in his game, expect Richard to become a regularly talked about guy from scouts and college coaches alike.  He has a chance to have an incredible high school career.