6’4 2021 AJ Smith: Hickory Grove Christian 31 Points

AJ Smith has proved to be one of the most intimidating backcourt players in the HoopState with his dawg like mentality and grown man physical traits. He competes at both ends of the floor with a ton of purpose, finishing with 4 steals by the halftime break and continued his relentlessness at the other end of the floor. Smith found a way to make some shots early, keeping the defense honest which opened up driving lanes for him late in the game. Smith is tracking as a bonafide high major kind of prospect and his offer list should steadily grow throughout the season.

6’2 2022 Amare Haynie: Moravian Prep (7 Points 3 Assists, 2 Steals, 1 Rebound)

Haynie provides an off the bench spark for this group that is incredibly vital to their success over the course of 32 minutes. He can run the point, impact the game on the glass, or just simply do the little things that help you win basketball games. He should become more and more familiar with what the team is running on a play by play basis with each and every game as he’s only been at Moravian for a few weeks. His impact goes beyond the stat sheet, but expect his production and recruitment to pick up in a major way throughout the course of the season.

6’0 2023 Robert Dillingham: Combine Academy (4-7, 3-5 from deep, 15 Points, 1 assist, 1 rebound.)

Dillingham is an elite competitor for a freshman. After a forgettable first quarter he was the star of the show with his shot-making ability. He’s cold blooded, he lives up to the big moments and poured in clutch bucket after clutch bucket for Combine in their win over Oak Hill. The amount of poise and control he has in his game is sensational for a kid his age, he can make plays under duress while maintaining a high level of control at all times. He should track as a top 100 kind of kid as long as he continues to put up big performances like this. For a freshman to step into this environment and perform was absolutely sensational. Everyone leaving the gym will remember Robert Dillingham.

6’9 2021 Jacori Owens: Combine Academy (11 Points, 6 Rebounds, 3 Blocks)

The strides that Jacori Owens has taken in his game is incredibly apparent, but the biggest thing for this young man is improved confidence. He’s an impact guy on the defensive end with his rim protection and high level of activity on that end of the floor. He is a solid post up scorer, displaying patience and touch on the block. As he continues to refine that aspect of his game and maintain the bulking he’s done in the offseason, expect his recruitment to pick up another level.

6’8 2022 Elijah Gray: Carmel Christian

Elijah Gray is a really talented young forward prospect that brings a multi-dimensional offensive game. He’s consistently added different aspects to his game every few months and he’s quickly becoming a really well rounded player that is going to become more and more recruited throughout the season. He reminds me a lot of Justin McKoy who is now a freshman at UVA, just a versatile scoring combo forward that can get the job done at all three levels. As Gray continues to develop physically, and athletically expect his offer list to grow considerably.