6’3 2021 Nick Green: Henderson Collegiate (5-8 From the Field, 5-7 From Deep, 15 Points, 6 Rebounds, 2 Steals)

Green is a vital piece to a Henderson Collegiate squad that features an abundance of backcourt talent. His ability to impact the game as a 3 & D guy is a perfect compliment to the playmaking of Javonte Waverly, the dynamic offensive force of Kalib Matthews, and the steadying presence of Jaquaveon Venable. His ability to make shots and keep the defense honest really opens the floor for this lineup and he should continue to see a spike in his recruitment throughout the season. Anytime you can produce against a national level team like Moravian Prep you’re doing something right.

6’8 2020 Josh Hall: Moravian Prep (13-25 From the Field, 5-7 From the Line, 6 Rebounds)

Josh Hall continues to prove to everyone in attendance that he’s one of the most elite pure scorers in the country and he does it in a bevy of ways. Josh is known as an elite shooter, however his jumper wasn’t falling from deep this weekend (2-13 from three in both games) but he found a way to still play efficient basketball. His ability to adjust mid-air in traffic at the rim is incredibly special and his added strength is paying real dividends. He commands the ball in the 4th quarter, making big play after big play in crunch time and doing a great job assessing his matchup and going at their deficiencies late in games. He’s a walking mis-match and he knows it, expect his stock to continue to rise throughout the season.

6’0 2020 Lawrence Frost: Combine Academy (3-7 From the Field, 6 Points, 5 Rebounds, 5 Assists, 3 Steals)

Every team needs an unsung hero and Lawrence Frost is exactly that for a Combine Academy team that looks ready to make noise on a national stage. He’s completely bought in to that role and embraces it. He’s a lockdown on ball defender, a great secondary ball handler to Jalen Hood Schifino and Robert Dillingham and he sets the tone from an energy perspective along with Head Coach Jeff McInnis. He’s the kind of kid that is willing to do all of the dirty work and get no credit for it and that’s why college coaches were circling his names for further evaluation after this weekend. Frost should continue to play a vital role for Combine Academy as that lockdown defender and spark plug every team needs. 

6’7 2021 Ben Burnham: Carmel Christian (12-17 From the Field, 7-10 From the Line, 31 Points, 20 Rebounds, 6 Blocks, 2 Assists)

I don’t know if there was a bigger stockriser or better stat line than what Ben Burnham put up in the event’s nightcap. He wasn’t great, he was dominant and showed everyone in attendance that Carmel has their guy to lead them to the promised land once again. They lost the game late to Cannon but they wouldn’t have been close without the performance of Burnham who absolutely dominated the glass at both ends (13 Def, 7 Off) and scored 31 points on only 17 shots. As Burnham continues to produce at a high level expect of a flood of offers to come his way over the course of the next 6 months. He was absolutely sensational this weekend.

6’4 2022 Jaden Bradley: Cannon School (9-16 From the Field, 9 Rebounds, 5 Assists, 4 Steals)

Jaden Bradley continues to prove to everyone that he’s the best Point Guard in the 2022 class with his steady production and jaw dropping moments. It appears Bradley has taken a considerable step in the leadership department with the way he carried himself on the court. This Cannon group is young and so is its leader, but Bradley looks up to the task of taking HIS team to the promised land, competing for a state title. He’s an unselfish player that looks to make the right decision with the ball in the open floor as well as making great decisions when working with ball screens. He’s gotten more explosive and is becoming much better at getting to his spots and raising up with confidence. He’ll be one of the most exciting players to watch in the state this season and it should be a fun season for Bradley and this Cannon School team.