With the basketball in his hands, Mikey Dukes is the fastest player we have seen in a long time. It’s no wonder that he has amassed 4,341 yards and 74 touchdowns over his last two seasons (YES 2! Seasons) on the football field. He currently carries offers from the likes of South Carolina, Arkansas, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Indiana, Wake Forest and more on the football field. However, he says that his heart is in basketball.

Dukes has a natural skill that makes him special on the basketball court, something that allows him to compete against anyone at any time. Mikey Dukes’ speed is like no one else around, but not only is he fast, he is quick. Mikey Dukes gets from 0-60 by his second stride and then he has the explosion to absolutely embarrass you as he finishes on your head once he gets to the rim.

Dukes is a special talent, not only that, he is a special kid. He is filled with “yes sir” and “no sir” answers and he is very well thought out and articulate when speaking to you. His coaches rave about his work ethic and how he is always in the gym. First Baptist of Charleston Assistant Coach Antoine Saunders tells countless stories about Mikey Dukes asking for the key to the gym early in the morning or late at night.

We keep getting side tracked in this writing, so we do not want to belabor the point we are trying to make about Dukes, so long story short, Dukes should be thought of as one of the top 125 prospects in the country. Not only should he already be ranked that high, we feel like if Dukes were to focus solely on basketball 100% of the time, he would be thought of as one of the top 2019 point guards in the country. He is that blessed on the basketball court.

But back to Antoine Saunders, who still stands as Wofford’s all-time leader in assists with 582, who also coached Houston Texans wide receiver Bruce Ellington in high school. Saunders says that Ellington was special on the court, it was his tenacity and competitive that paired well with his speed and explosion. If you remember Ellington was ranked as a Top 75 basketball prospect out of high school and signed with the University of South Carolina as a basketball player. Saunders says there are a lot of similarities between Ellington and Dukes, with Dukes possibly having the better natural basketball instincts on the floor.

Dukes is equally as good an athlete, has a similar killer instinct and possibly has better natural instincts than a player who was ranked Top 75 and signed to play (and started as a freshman) at a Power 5 program. Yes, this is exactly what we are saying about Dukes. Also, we are dropping the bug in Power 5 coach’s ears, across the country, that Dukes loves basketball.

At Phenom’s Low Country Showcase this past weekend, Dukes showed every bit of what we have been talking about against the #2 team in the state of South Carolina, 15-1 Aiken High School. Dukes finished with 18 points, 9 assists, 9 rebounds and 4 steals. He dictated the pace of the game and was able to keep his team in it until the very end. He is currently ranked #7 in South Carolina’s junior class.

Here it is, laid out plain and simple. Dukes has no basketball offers to speak of (YET!), but he wants to play basketball. He should currently be thought of as a Top 125 type of prospect in the junior class, and he has the upside to possibly end up 100 spots higher. He has elite speed and explosion and makes everyone on the floor better. Sounds like a no brainer to us.