This season, the 6’3″ unsigned senior is putting together gaudy numbers. However, 26.5 points (4th in South Carolina) is par for the course for Green. He is, and has been over the course of his career, one of the most prolific scorers in South Carolina basketball. So far this year, Green has made 94 threes and done so at a 53% clip.

Think about that, 94 threes at 54%, that is an unbelievable stat in its own right but how does that stack up against the history of South Carolina basketball?

Looking at the record books, the South Carolina High School League (SCHSL) only has kept stats dating back to 80-81. Also the SCHSL is the public school league, Christian Academy plays in the South Carolina Independent School League (SCISA), so for conversation purposes, let’s talk about where Green would stand if he were in SCHSL.

Currently, through 20 games played Green has knocked in 94 threes (that is 4.7 threes per game). Were he to not play another game and have the season end today, green would sit tied for 8th on the All-Time list. However, the record is 127, from Darius Bryant (Lexington) in 2017. Looking at Greens schedule, he has two regular season games left, a potential of three in the conference tournament and four more in the state playoffs. If he were to play in all nine of those games, at 4.2 threes made per game, he would have 37 more threes left, which would put him at 131 made (number one on the list). Not to mention he is shooting at a 54% clip!

Looking a bit further, Green has scored 2,256 career points. Currently, he sits 7th on All-Time list. However, let’s say Green does play in those nine potential games left. At 26.5 points per game, that would move him up two more spots, ahead of Rasmi Gamble (Christ Church) and Everick Sullivan (Hillcrest) on the list, finishing 5th All-Time with 2.494 career points.

That is a pretty prolific career scoring the basketball. Mike Green’s name, career wise, is listed among the likes of Larry Davis, LJ Peak, Everick Sullivan, Deva Downey and many others.

Green is an unsigned senior, who has produced at an incredible rate … college coaches looking for guard, will have to take this type of production into consideration.