NC Empire
6'6 '21 Julius Peacock- Has a lot of upside, but already displaying a strong comfort level around
the basket, especially on second-chance opportunities and touches in the post. He's long and
lacks a ton of polish, but he knows how to make his presence felt defensively. Mark down
Peacock as one to keep an eye on.
6'1 '21 Isaiah Williams- The wing prospect adds a nice wrinkle to this NC Empire team with his
ability to score and effectively space the floor. He has a strong body and displays a great IQ on
both ends of the court.

WCBA Elite White
6'1 '21 Nasir Bell- There were few players better than Bell in this contest, who shot the ball
extremely well from three-point territory and drew fouls constantly. He Has a long, wiry frame
that could continue filling out in the future; high upside.

New Light Disciples
6'5 '19 Jayden Thomas- The combo-forward has been exceptional for this New Light team,
getting downhill and scoring at will inside the arc. He's strong and knows how to get a basket
whenever he wants. Thomas affected every facet of this game.
6'6 '19 Unique Neal- Somewhat undersized for his position, but make no mistake, Neal is a
competitor; he plays hard on both ends of the floor and showcases his brute strength at all times.
His offensive game isn't always pretty, but it's almost always effective.

WCBA Elite Blue
6'3 '19 Jett Fourtnoy- Knockdown shooter off the catch with deep range and a quick trigger; he
only needs a sliver of daylight to generate a clean look. Fourtnoy is a fantastic spot-up option
with IQ for this team.
6'1 '19 Phillip Burwell- Throughout this game, Burwell was constantly applying pressure in
transition, scoring virtually everything off of turnovers. He got by defenders pretty well and
finished through contact at the rim.

Team Charlotte
5'10 '21 Jordan McPhatter- Incredibly skilled point guard with next-level vision and instincts; he
has such an amazing feel for the game and passes the ball as well as anyone in attendance.
McPhatter still scores whenever he wants, but is very unselfish and prefers to distribute the ball
evenly to teammates.
6'5 '21 Jaylin McClurkin- Intriguing big man with incredible length; he has so much upside on
both ends of the floor but already displays a solid feel for the game. It'll be interesting to see how
he builds his game going forward, considering his motor and long list of tools to work with.
Charlotte Dragons

6'3 '20 Will Graham- Fundamental big man who carried the offensive load in this contest; he
consistently made plays inside the paint. Graham displayed solid touch and IQ around the basket
while rebounding at a decent rate.

6'3 '20 Devonte Patterson- The wing prospect was very effective in this contest, scoring the ball
at a really strong rate while showcasing touch from all three levels. He's fairly athletic and
played quite well on defense, both on and off-ball.
6'2 '20 James Zang- The off-guard was one of the top shooters in attendance on Saturday,
especially from three-point range, where he shredded the opposition from start to finish. One for
college coaches to take note of.

NC Empire Go Hard
6'9 '20 Myles Evans- This big man simply continues to improve with each passing game he
plays in, continually making strides on both ends of the floor. His touch and post game continues
to look nice while his ability to alter shots remains excellent.
6'4 '20 MJ Wilkerson- Few guys were able to make a mark like Wilkerson, who was the top
two-way player in this game. He digs deep on defense and knows how to create scoring
opportunities on offense. Wilkerson is going to be a breakout player in July.

NC Top Flight
6'0 '19 Michael Wade- The point guard was fairly consistent in his ability to make plays and
score at the basket. That being said, Wade's top abilities are on the defensive end of the floor,
where he is so much quicker and bothersome compared to other guards.
6'4 '19 Christian Martin- As a big, strong, physical wing, Martin knows how to affect various
facets of the game. He doesn't need to score, but certainly has the ability to get buckets on all
three levels, and especially inside the arc. Few guys can match the motor and intensity of Martin
on either side of the ball.

Mooresville Magic
6'8 '19 Elton Hooper- This Magic team has definitely needed a two-way big man over these last
few years and Hooper looks quite comfortable filling that role. He's a true workhorse that knows
how to make life difficult for opponents while snatching one rebound after another.

New Light Disciples
6'4 '19 Trent McIntyre- Strong, versatile forward prospect with intriguing game; he is a really
strong defender with big upside on the offensive end. He's a quality athlete, but will become
unstoppable upon adding a reliable jump shot.
5'9 '19 Roy Thomas- Though undersized, Thomas was incredibly effective for this team
throughout the day, adding a nice change-of-pace and quality three-point shooting. He spaced the
floor really well all day while providing some secondary ball-handling.

NC Empire Go Hard
6'2 '19 Tevon Johnson- This Empire team enjoyed constant contributions from Johnson and his
phenomenal three-point shooting ability. He drew a quality number of fouls and converted on the
ensuing free-throws every time.