Legacy Charter 71
Word of God 58

Here are some of the standouts and players notes from the USA National Prep event, held in North Myrtle Beach on Thursday.' Legacy Charter and Word of God matched up for an intriguing battle.' Legacy was able to take a halftime lead but Word of God fought their tail off, eventually taking a second-half lead.' But McCreary and company were just to much in the end.

Word of God

2021 6'6 BJ Freeman: Smooth prospect that has intriguing size, has handles to run and play several positions on offense, and simply a smooth release to his shot.' What you have to like is the versatility you have with him on the court due to him being a solid 6'6 prospect.' He competes on the boards but then can run a team's offense in the half court or in transition.' Also displayed a tough pull-up jumper. Stats: 9 points

2019 6'6 Max Farthing: It was a tough day for Farthing to find an opening for his outside shot but when he did, he was able to knock it down.' Hit three 3-pointers in the loss but still showcased a smooth jumper like he always has. Stats: 9 points

2019 6'4 Tim Pettiford: Pettiford showed poise running the point along with solid speed.' Legacy looked to put pressure on him and he displayed poise on the floor and understanding.' He also was able to score the ball effectively from inside and out, knocking in three 3-pointers. Stats: 13 points

Legacy Charter

2019 6'8 Jalyn McCreary: the skillset that he brings on the floor is fun to watch.' And you can put him in so many positions on the floor.' He has great handles for his size, you can play him up top, down low, and in transition.' McCreary has the ability to put it on the floor, run an offense, or take an opponent one-on-one, getting to his spots.' This young man is simply wired to score in so many ways and displayed on Thursday.'Stats: 27 points

2019 6'11 Rodney Howard: Howard just has a great feel for the game.' Hands are always ready, he is active on both ends, and has great soft touch around the rim.' He moves and covers space with size and stride.' Howard’s activity on the boards is special and one Ole Miss will love to have down the road, along with his understanding of how to finish around the rim and to seal defenders. Stats: 14 points

2019 6'2 CJ Jamison: Still unsigned, this senior guard stepped up to the challenge and flat out hustles when he plays.' On both sides, he is constantly active, diving for lose balls, hands always active defensively, and finding ways to score.' He makes the little plays that don't always show up in the boxscore but helps a team secure victories. Stats: 6 points

2020 6'2 Kaleb Mack: We mentioned it back in November and we will say it again, Mack's ability is highly underrated.' He simply knows how to run an offense, gets defenders going left and right, and makes the right play whether it is scoring or dishing.' His ability to be a true ball-handler is fun to watch.' Mack is an unselfish guard and loves to set up his teammates scoring wise. Stats: 5 points

2019 6'7 Chase Claxton: Committed to Winthrop, Claxton is an intriguing prospect because he isn't the biggest, weight-wise, but he has length and bounce to his game.' Claxton can easily be that double-double type prospect, especially as he puts more weight on, because of his ability to knock down the outside shot and use his length to his advantage. Stats: 9 points

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