Phenom Hoops has had a chance to get out during the month of June as teams have been participating in several teams’ camps and during the live period.  One event that Phenom attended was the Catawba Team Camp, bringing in several teams from around the region and giving us an early look at what each program has to offer.

West Rowan is coming off an impressive 15-2 season last year but when we got to watch the Falcons at the team camp, it was the young talent that really captured our eyes and should quickly be names put on the watch list for the 2024 class in North Carolina.

The first player that grabbed our attention was 2024 Juke Harris.  Harris is one that has earned some early traction with his play for Team Wall but should quickly rise up the rankings for his class and become an even bigger name throughout the state.  He has a 6’4 frame and already shows that he isn’t afraid of the bright lights or the big shots; in fact, he embraces it.  He excels from the outside early on, really being a big threat with his shot-making from the perimeter but also uses his length to his advantage in attacking and finishing over or around defenders.  He shows the early glimpses of being able to really take over a game and be that go-to leader for a younger squad.

2024 Bryson Cowan is a new name personally for me but you can’t teach size and this 6’9 big has just that.  With his size and wingspan, he should quickly attract your eyes, as well as how he moves up and down the floor.  Though he is far from a finished product, he gives you those glimpses down in the paint that certainly say that he is one that could be a next-level player and one to watch grow and develop.

2024 Levon Jacobs is another new name to add. He is a 6’7 long wing/forward prospect that can operate on multiple levels. He shows that he is comfortable playing from outside as well as inside with his frame.  Add his impact in other areas, both on offense and defense, Jacobs is just yet another young talent that West Rowan has working with them.

Lastly, 2024 Kayvone Norman is another name to start watching. He was a key player on JV last year for the Falcons and should only continue to develop and grow with his game, giving West Rowan multiple young players for the next few years.  Make sure you put all these names on the watch list quickly, as they could all be making noise sooner rather than later.