Low Country Showcase


6’6 ’18 Aaron Nesmith (Porter Gaud)
We’ve been on the Aaron Nesmith “bandwagon” for the past two years. He was one of the better players at the SC Top 80 in 2016 and has never looked back. While the national scouts were slow to come around, he has finally cracked the top 75 in some national rankings. That being said, we still think he is still undervalued at the national level. We’re talking about an elite level scorer and his game is custom made for the collegiate level. He is an efficient 3-point shooter but has the ability to create his own shot off the dribble/bounce. In the game against Hartsville, Nesmith poured in an effortless 33 points and will be one of the surprise freshmen at Vanderbilt next season.



6’7 ’19 Josiah James (Porter Gaud)
Trending as one of the elite level point guard nationally in the 2019 class, Josiah James has superb size, length, athleticism and a matching skill set. More importantly, James is a great team player. Rarely, do you find a high-level player like James that is so selfless. In addition, efficiency is his calling card and plays within the framework of the game. He has the ability single-handedly take over a game but plays the role as a floor general as well as anyone we have seen this season. His game, athleticism, and skill are custom made for the NBA.




6’0 ’19 Mikey Dukes (First Baptist)
Mikey Dukes is blessed with elite level athleticism, pure and simple and it’s evident that he has a tremendously high upside and ceiling. Dukes has a unique blend of strength, athleticism, and explosiveness at the guard position. He has unbelievable “end to end” ball handling speed and has a wicked left hand inside out/one-handed crossover move. For the game, he almost had a triple-double as he accumulated a game-high 18 points while collecting nine rebounds and dishing out nine assists.




6’2 ’19 Trae Hannibal (Hartsville)
What’s not to like about a strong, long, and athletic point guard. He has terrific explosiveness and is another South Carolina player that is undervalued on the national level. Don’t worry, that will quickly change as his game translates well at the high major level. In addition, Hannibal plays with a high motor and is an intense competitor. He has an unlimited number of intangibles and look for his value to increase sharply sooner rather than later.



6’2 ’19 Romello Grant (R.B Stall HS)
Romello Grant may have been the best player we knew little about. First of all, Grant is a “baller.” He is averaging 25.1 PPG and 13 RPG per game for the season. While he may be undersized at the off-guard position, don’t let that fool you. This young man can absolutely play. He has tremendous strength, athleticism and an impeccable feel for the game. His anticipation for rebounds is high level and his competitive spirit is unbelievable. In the game against Cathedral, he poured in a quiet 26 points.




6’2 ’19 Michael Green (Christian Academy of Myrtle Beach)
Coming off a nagging ankle injury, 6’2 junior Michael Green had a typical “Michael Green” performance that we’ve come acquainted with at Phenom Hoop Report. The cerebral and super high IQ Green, was once again rock solid as he finished with 18 points. He scored from all three levels and knocked in three 3-pointers. While Greene won’t overwhelm you with athleticism, one thing is for certain, he simply knows how to play the game. He’s the consummate team player and allows the game come to him. Simply put, Green is a high return, low-risk player.




6’0 ’18 Chris Martin (Liberty Heights)
Talk about an unsigned senior point guard going under the recruiting radar. The high energy point guard can score from all three levels. He can push the tempo or effectively or control the tempo in the half court. In the tough one-point loss to Lakewood, Martin scored 21 points and simply played his heart out. We particularly liked his leadership displayed throughout the game.

5’9 ’18 John Price (Cathedral)
John Price may not look the part, but this young man can really play. He poured in a game-high 31 points including seven 3-pointers. He’s crafty and has a sixth sense about the game. Price is so fundamentally sound and knows how to play the game the right way. D3 schools should definitely check him out. He could just be that hidden gem at that level.




Aiken High School
Aiken High School came into the Phenom Low Country Showcase with 14-1 record and considered one the top teams in the South Carolina 4A division. After defeating a very good First Baptist team out of Charleston, it is crystal clear that Aiken should battle it out in their classification. First of all, they are well coached, play hard and flat get after it on the defensive or the court. They were a complete joy to watch.