Low Country Showcase Standouts Part 2

Before reading about the Low Country Showcase Standout Part 2, be sure to check out Part 1 https://www.phenomhoopreport.com/low-country-showcase-standouts-part-1/


6’5 2019 Preston Crisp (Woodville Tompkins HS-GA)

Woodville Tompkins came into the event undefeated and ranked the number one team in the Georgia 2A division. In the game vs. First Baptist of Charleston, SC, Preston Crisp was simply sensational. What’s now to like about an active, aggressive and athletic scoring wing. He had a game high 26 points including four 3-pointers in the win. Being heavily under recruited, lower tier D1 schools and high D2 programs should be take a trip to Savannah, Georgia to check out this unsigned senior.


5’11 2019 Mikey Dukes (First Baptist)

It was classic Mikey Dukes. The jet quick point guard has speed and speed to burn. That being said, he’s just not a speedy, athletic point guard. Dukes has as excellent feel for the game and has unbelievable court vision and passing skills. In the heartbreaking loss to Woodville Tompkins, Dukes finished with 17 points, countless assists and his usual high motor approach to the game.


6’4 2019 Chico Carter (Cardinal Newman)

We absolutely love the moxie, grit and confidence of Chico Carter. The Murray State signee can score and has a multiple bag of offensive moves up his sleeve, but the best may have been the shot fake, step back 3-pointer that he not only used once, but twice during the game. In addition, Carter is a solid ball handler and does make positive plays for his teammates. While he is best used as a scoring guard, he can transition and become a secondary ball handler/point guard at the collegiate level.


6’4 2021 Josh Beadle (Cardinal Newman)

Josh Beadle has such a complete game. He combines a unique blend of athleticism, skill set, poise and maturity for being just a sophomore. Beadle can score from all three levels and his ability to knock down 3-pointers with consistency will make him a difficult player to contain. He finished with 17 points including four 3-pointers.


6’5 2019 Malik Tucker (Cardinal Newman)

Malik Tucker was the team’s glue guy for the evening. Tucker did a little bit of everything and he did it well. He rebounded both ends of the court, defended and was active on the offensive end of the court. He has good size for a small forward, understands the game, but most of all understands his role. Tucker finished with 18 points and was named Co-MVP of the game.


5’9 2019 DJ Chisolm (Berkeley HS)

DJ Chisolm is electric, entertaining and most of all an enthusiastic player. He has unbelievable quickness and speed in the open court, but one has to be impressed with relentless motor and full throttle approach to the game. No matter the score, you can count on Chisolm to give you maximum effort on both sides of the ball. While he had a game high 24 points including two 3-pointers, Chisolm is a pest on defense. He is constantly putting defensive pressure on the opposing team’s point guard.


6’7 2019 Josiah James (Porter Gaud)

When Josiah James flicks the “on switch,” watch out! He can be as dominant player in the country. Going into half with a modest seven points, James broke open the game with 17 second half points including three NBA long distant 3-pointers and three crowd pleasing dunks. James finished with 24 points, but once again amazed the fans with his unbelievable court vision and passing ability. For such an high elite level player, he continues to be one of the most humble and unselfish players in the country.


6’8 2020 Chase Cannon (Porter Gaud)

It was a blue-collar workmanlike approach for 6’8 Chase Cannon. Cannon just continues to make strides and improvements on the court. He has passer friendly hands, nifty footwork in the point, but has a “no quit” attitude in finishing at the rim. He just battles on both ends of the court. Cannon finished with 17 points and double digit rebounds for the game.


6’5 2019 Omar Croskey (Sumter HS)

The southpaw has natural basketball instincts. He is blessed with quickness and athleticism and the ability to be near or around the ball on both ends of the court. Croskey does makes things happen, whether it is scoring or grabbing rebounds, defending and being totally active and involved throughout the course of the game. Croskey finished with a hard earned 17 points.