2024 Maurio Hanson was a new name that quickly captured eyes with his size and ability last year and watching this young big operate on the court, one can see that he is taking the necessary steps with his game.  This summer has been a big one to learn and show those exact improvements, as he is was able to take away some valuable experience and understand where he needs to continue to work on.

“The summer went very well,” Hanson told Phenom Hoops.  “I got the best experience to play with some of the top guys in my class with CP3 and experience the EYBL for the first time while meeting some great guys along the road.  The summer also went well with my school during the LIVE period. I’ve been in the gym most of the time working on little things to help me because a better player and over the summer, I’ve had workouts to help me become faster, getting a little bit more touch at the rim, my footwork, and gaining a little more muscle. I really want to show more about my game, being more comfortable bringing the ball up, shooting threes if I’m open, and also creating space and getting a little better defending all positions.”

One can see that the big man has put on the muscle, gotten stronger with his game, increased his comfort level facing up and operating on multiple levels while continuing to become stronger and more athletic around and at the rim. 

With his improvement and the talent around him now at JL Chambers, there are reasons why fans are excited and the players are excited about the upcoming season.  The talent on the floor, including an improving young prospect in Hanson, JL Chambers certainly will be a team to watch.  And Hanson is just as excited about the opportunity.

“I’m excited to show that I have gotten better this year. I’m really knowing the game now; I’ve gotten better at crashing the boards and I will be excited to show what Team CP3 has taught me and bring it to the upcoming season.  Everyone has been putting in work this summer, getting names for themselves and starting to take everything personal between the lines, and when we workout, our guys do not take it lightly.”

Learning from Daniel Sanford

One staple at JL Chambers (formerly known as Vance) over the last few years has been the play of 2022 Daniel Sanford, a player that is considered one of the top talents in the class of North Carolina.  Being a younger player and still learning, Sanford has been a big help for Hanson in getting to where he wants to be down the road.

“He has really been a big brother to me,” Hanson said about what he has learned from Sanford.  “He has taught me how to fight the post correctly, tips and tricks on the block, and just telling me how to get open down low and teaching me how to not get tired as quick.  He has taught me how to get my touch right and getting my shot off.”

Recruitment starting off the right way

Recruitment has been bright early on for the young big man, as Hanson has already racked up offers from Murray State and Kennesaw State.  Both programs seemingly didn’t want to waste time in getting involved with Hanson’s recruitment and those two early offers have only continued to motivate him.

“My thoughts on securing the early offers is that it is really good for me, it will now motivate me to keep going,” he said.  “What I like about the early offers is that they see potential in me to be great and play at a high level.”

Hanson heard that both programs really liked the patience that he plays with on the floor, to go along with his face-up game, how he shares the ball, and how Hanson just lets the game come to him.

As far as interests, Western Carolina and Elon are two other schools that have been noticing his game early on as well.