One of the more exciting seniors in the state of North Carolina still remains on the board but he could be coming to a decision soon.  Northwest Guilford senior Chris Hampton has always been must-see TV on the court and he hopes he will be able to do much of the same in the coming years at the next level.

Hampton is coming off a season in which he averaged 18 points, four rebounds, four assists, and helped the Vikings make a deep run into the 4A playoffs.  He has produced on so many levels and has even made an appearance on ESPN with his elite athleticism. But he also brings a lot more to the floor on both ends.

In our unsigned senior spotlight, Phenom Hoops had this to say:

“Hampton truly possesses all the tools, both physically and in terms of skill, to be an absolute steal at a variety of programs at the Division I level. He’s smart, quick, and one of the most explosive players across the entire state. Hampton possesses the ability to destroy opponents on defense, force turnovers, and then immediately turn them into points on the other end. His “knock” has been his three-point consistency but he’s shot the ball increasingly well over the last calendar year. Additionally, Hampton is an exceptional leader through communication and by example, which absolutely makes him a guy that all types of schools should covet.”

With all the success he found on the court at Northwest Guilford, Hampton thinks the future will be bright once he gets back on the court, bringing the same show to a future program.

“I can see it is going to be really bright at the next stop and I’m going to do my best to have another amazing career at whatever school I’m at,” Hampton told Phenom Hoops.  “Schools have said that they really want me and that they can help me go as far as I want to go.  I want to bring everything I showed at Northwest, maybe even more.”

Hampton mentioned that he will be narrowing down to some schools and hoping to make a decision soon. 

But whoever can land Hampton no only will get a leader on and off the court as we as an athletic prospect that will sure to be a show; they will also be getting a proven winner.