Phenom Hoops heads back to Sidwell high school, where we bring you another prospect that is quickly catching the attention of college coaches.  We spoke to Caleb Williams not long ago to discuss the latest, but 2025 6’5 Jalen Rougier-Roane may be the prospect following in his footsteps. 

Sidwell is coming off a tremendous season and looks to have the talent to have yet another strong season, as Rougier-Roane is hoping to be a big part of the team’s success with his versatility. Phenom spoke to the rising prospect to learn more about his thoughts on the upcoming season, his game, and his recruitment.

Upcoming High School Season:

Phenom: What is your excitement for the upcoming high school season? What is your excitement with your team and your guys, as well as what is the early outlook that you have seen from the team?
Rougier-Roane: I’m super excited for the start of the season, coming off a big season we had last year.  Also, adding some key pieces to reload and repeat what we did last year. The new guys on the team look super comfortable in open gym and the whole team is embracing them. I would even say the team is the same if not better.

Phenom: What is your mindset heading into the season? What are you wanting to provide your team?
Rougier-Roane: I’m heading into the season with the mindset to win because winning is the biggest thing in all of this.  I want to provide versatility to the team, being able to play all over the court and just coming into my own as an all-around player.

Phenom: How would you describe your game? How do you like to operate and do you like to model your game after anyone?
Rougier-Roane: I would say that I’m super versatile and can defend 1-4.  I like to operate off the catch and off the ball the most. My favorite player is Jayson Tatum; that is who I would say I try to model my game after.

Phenom: How has your game improved this summer with Team Durant?
Rougier-Roane: I feel like my shot recognition and attacking off the dribble have improved the most this year.

Recruitment Update:

Rougier-Roane has seen his recruitment have a strong start, as he has earned offers from Marquette, George Mason, Norfolk State, NJIT, and his latest offer comes from the Virginia Tech Hokies.  He talked about his thoughts on the newest offer, which schools have been coming by this offseason, and his dream schools.

Phenom: How has your recruitment been going early on for you in your eyes?
Rougier-Roane: I feel like it has gotten off to a great start, seeing one of my teammates (Caleb Williams) getting his recognition, I have someone to follow after.

Phenom: Virginia Tech was your newest offer. Thoughts on that program?
Rougier-Roane: I feel they recruit well, and Coach Mike Young is a great coach. They also had a good season being ACC Champs, which is cool.

Phenom: Anything stand out with the other schools early on for you?
Rougier-Roane: Nothing really stands out that I know much about with the other schools as of yet.

Phenom: What other schools have been showing interest?
Rougier-Roane: Syracuse, Indiana, Mississippi State, but since I can’t talk to coaches, it has only been the coaches that have come to our open gyms.

Phenom: Any dream schools you have?
Rougier-Roane: Some of my dream schools are Villanova, Michigan, and Texas.