Look Back at the Next Rising Stars ' Queen City Showcase

Charlotte brought several names into the spotlight, as the Middle School Queen City Showcase was able to introduce new names from around the surrounding states. 'Several of these guys have been mentioned before, but lets just rewind back a little to remind everyone on who to keep an eye on down the road.

2022 5'9 Alex Summers (Davie)

Summers is a lights-out shooter, possibly one of the best from the weekend. 'He plays within his team's offense though and is smart with the ball in his hands. 'He showcased great touch, vision up court, and a lethal shot from deep.

2022 6'5 Julian Phillips

Phillips was one of the top prospects on the court over the weekend. 'He is already looking like a high-major type guy with tremendous length and ability. 'His skill set was tough for any defense to shut down, rebounding all over the floor, and scoring inside the paint any time he wanted to. 'His wingspan stood out to go along with his touch and feel for the game.

2022 5'10 Jacob Newman (Team Loaded)

Newman has incredible speed in the open floor to go along with his vision. 'He excels in breaking down defenders and attacking the basket, as there weren't to many opponents that could stay in front of him. 'With his athletic built as a point guard, he showcased that with finishing and attacking towards the rim.

2022 6'2 Jaiden Jeffery (Upward Stars)

What impressed so much was his ball of energy that he brought to his team. 'He also showed that he is a team player, finding his teammates and setting them up for easy buckets. 'Athletic guard that can really jump.

2022 6'0 Sam Cogan (Team Charlotte)

May be an undersized prospect but he plays with a high IQ on the floor. 'His motor is continuous on the floor and plays with something to prove. 'Very tough with his left hand, driving the ball and getting the ball up on the rim. 'He is an in your face defender that plays smart.

2022 6'4 Jalen Hood-Schifino (Team Charlotte)

Jalen has all the tools to be a high-major prospect in the coming years and one of the top players in the state of North Carolina. 'He simply does it and at a high level. 'He is unselfish with his play but has a terrific size that no one could slow down when he wanted to score. 'He looks like he can take over a game any time he wants and should be one of the best players in his class for North Carolina.


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