In Pt.2 we'll introduce some new names in the Philly region with some potential to breakout this coming season:

Robert Jackson 6'6' '21 Archbishop Wood HS – Jackson has a solid frame for low post play and is quite willing to engage in some physical banging down low. Throughout camp he was a good rebounder using that frame to box out and grab numerous boards on both ends and he proved capable on defense getting some blocks and bodying up opponents into some bad shots. He does struggle with quickness though especially if he gets caught guarding in the open court. He didn't get a lot of run last season at Wood but with 4 senior starters leaving playing time should be available to this emerging talent. He is tough going to the rim and while not always successful scoring the basketball he is relentless at getting his own misses and trying again. He still is an unfinished prospect with lots to work on and improve but the strides he's making are certainly encouraging.

Shaquil Bender 6'1' '20 Lincoln HS – Bender was someone who caught my eye on day one with his non stop hustle and effort. He showed an ability to guard both on the perimeter and inside and he didn't give up when someone beat him off the dribble which is commendable. He showed limited range on his jump shot but was effective going to the basket and he was not a bad passer hitting open teammates with solid dishes in positions to make plays. He was capable handling the ball but he definitely needs to tighten up this area of his game. He has some upside though and his transfer to Lincoln should help in that regard.

Quam Pettigrew 5'9' '20 Science Leadership Academy@Beeber – Ball handler would best sum up his game as his handle is tight with an ability to penetrate the lane or break pressure among his myriad of talents. The downside here is that he overdribbled a ton and while SLA is not among the Philly Pub powers he can get away with it in that division. He does need to put it on the floor with purpose and not to impress the casual fan of his handling wizardry. He can also shoot the ball and was very good from the midrange to the arc with a smooth and feathery jump shot with a quick release. Despite his extra dribbling he was excellent getting the ball to his teammates in scoring positions. Defensively he used his quick feet to stay in front of his man and was adept at getting steals in the open floor. I left the camp liking his overall potential and will have to catch him sometime this season to track his progress.

Quin Gilyard 6'5' '21 Bishop McDevitt HS – Having seen him at Future All American camp a few weeks ago I wanted to see more from him and I think he showed here some toughness on the interior banging down low and not backing down. He's not real fluid driving to the basket but his touch in the paint is not bad. His moves were at times awkward but he looked as if he was aware of what he wanted to do and now it's just a matter of perfecting them. His jump shot is also not refined but most of his offence was in the paint so he has time to develop a reliable stroke. He showed promise as a passer especially from the block as he spotted open shooters and fed them the rock but his handle is inconsistent and a little loose which is not good around ball hawking guards. I liked his approach on defense and he had a few blocks and was willing to bang down low as I mentioned but the one area he needs to improve is his reaction to the ball which was slow and got him in poor defensive positions to make a stop. He has plenty of upside and the new staff at McDevitt did a nice job of developing guys last year so I can see Gilyard making a similar jump this year.

Quadir Miller 5'9' '21 Constitution HS – Constitution will enter the coming season as the reigning PIAA 2A state champ and I'm sure Miller got plenty of practice reps going against the Generals quality guards. His game here looked pretty good as he showed a solid basketball IQ getting the ball to his teammates with crafty feeds off penetration or crisp entry passes from the wings. With a tight handle he was effective moving around the court and while on occasion he over dribbled the ball he rarely turned it over. He could shoot it too as he had a nice release on his outside jumper and was adept at getting inside with his assortment of dribble drive moves to get some nifty layups even over some bigs that rotated over to stop him. He did get overpowered on defense at times when in man situations so adding weight and strength should be priorities for him in the future but he was savvy in playing passing lanes to force turnovers or grab errant passes. I have a feeling that this young man will continue to expand his skillset and make his mark on the Philly HS scene.

Izayiah Adams 6'5' '20 Frankford HS – Adams was another guy I pegged on the first day as someone to monitor and I must say that while he wasn't a stud productivity wise he left a mark with his willingness to work hard and take on challenges and to soak up what he could to help improve his somewhat work in progress game. He proved to be a capable rebounder throughout the camp getting tough boards even in traffic. He worked hard on defense taking on all comers and using his sturdy frame to hold his ground in the paint and get a few blocks in the process. He ran the floor well both ways and he took advantage of mismatches in the paint to score some baskets. His offensive game is unrefined with a perimeter jumper missing from his arsenal. He was a little bit mechanical on his interior moves but if he caught the ball with a clear line of sight to the hole he showed he could score. He passed from the post ok but his handle needs some work as he was shaky in a crowd putting it on the floor. He looks to possess a solid work ethic and motor and that should help him find his identity as a player.

Charles Ireland 6'1' '21 LaSalle College HS – I liked this young man almost immediately with his smooth looking jump shot with great range and savvy moves to create space to get them off. He was balanced with an easy release and every shot looked good leaving his hand plus his range is way beyond the arc. He has a thin frame so adding upper body strength and a little toughness to his game would be paramount in his development. His handle was pretty good and he kept it to a minimum with short bursts to avoid traps and double teams. His passing game was also a big part of his skillset as he was able to hit open teammates with precision feeds in open areas. Defensively he was game but his slight body was not always able to keep his man from getting where he wanted to go nor was he aggressive enough to stop him but with time and added strength I suspect that he will improve in those areas.

Ryan Wilcox 6'0' '20 Northeast HS – An intriguing player who did some nice things throughout the camp without the fanfare that some of the bigger names commanded. He was active on defense with hands in the passing lanes and getting up on guys to make then earn what they got. He was diligent in getting loose balls and hustling all over the court and he was a surprisingly good rebounder for his height seeing the correct angles to take and then beating people to the ball. His handle wasn't bad and with more hard work he can be counted on to help facilitate his teams offense. He did a good job passing the ball finding teammates with smart passes and seemed willing to feed his teammates if they had the better opportunity. Shooting wise he had a decent stroke from the midrange and he showed an ability to get to the rack and make layups in traffic. His three ball shot was inconsistent but again his form was good so maybe he was off the day I saw him. He is someone who bears watching over the next year as he strives to improve his overall skill package.