By: Kevin Moses

Player: Eli Williams
Twitter: @Eliwilliams1530
Height: 6’3
Class of 2026
School: Heritage High School

Williams is a shooter! Not flashy or a man of a million moves but reads the defense and chooses his moments to blow by a defender or just nail the jumper as an assassin looking for the kill shot. He is aggressive in mixing it up on the boards too. His biggest improvement since last season is his defense. I personally loved seeing him develop into a stud on the defensive end.

Williams now is a complete player. He is a lethal shooter who can drop some sweet dimes and now defensively can change games. Last season, he averaged 15.4pts (79 threes), 4rebs, and 2.5asts, that’s as a freshman playing varsity. His goal for the upcoming season is to average 20pts and 5asts a game, and win district player of the year. Coaches should know Williams brings energy and now toughness with a versatile skillset that sets him apart. You won’t have to push it to motivate him, as it’s already in him to push and motivate himself in any situation he faces. His development is plainly seen, and his ceiling is tremendous.

Williams is a young star with the potential to be that guy for any program. Watching him in the fall league it’s already evident a breakout season is coming. Don’t miss his show.