As you may have read, there was talent that could be found all over the court.  We just recently released our best-of-the-best players from the event that I personally saw but there are several others that left a lasting impression on me as well.  That is why these players captured my eyes as well, really leaving a mark on the event in Rock Hill. Here is Part 1.

2022 Cedric Patterson (Team United): Patterson came in and left a lasting impression with his play, as he really showcased his speed to get by defenders but also to step out and knock down shots from the perimeter.  He really filled up the scoresheet offensively and was one of the more impressive weekends from him overall.

2022 Evan Smith (ACE Elite): Smith was simply off the charts, averaging nearly 27 points per game and putting on a scoring display that certainly captured the eyes of many.  He seems to be a player on a mission, especially after earning his first D1 offer.  Smith couldn’t be stopped, getting to where he wants and scoring in all ways possible.

2022 Jemez Herd (Rod Howard Select): Herd 6’7 frame and versatility really shined at the Phenom MDC, being a tough mismatch with his feel, size, and ability to be productive on both ends of the floor.  He can operate on multiple levels, as well as get on the boards, and can defend several positions.  He was efficient and consistent all weekend long.

2023 Arturo Overton (Carolina Pressure): Overton hit some BIG shots in Rock Hill, showing he isn’t afraid to step up when the game is on the line.  But he also continued to shred defenses with his speed and finish over defenders. At his size, he was really strong at finishing in the paint, getting by defenders off the dribble, and excellent in transition.

2022 Evan Presnell (Carolina Riptide): Presnell just continues to elevate his play this summer and is putting back-to-back impressive showings.  He plays a tremendous role for his Riptide team but is showing to be a leader on the court, knocking down shots with a smooth jumper, and love his energy level on defense.  Such a competitor on the floor.

2024 Chase and Carson Daniel (CC Elite): Out of all the players this weekend, the twins may have been the two that captured my attention the most with their play.  I’m going to say it now… these two are going to be players that become bigger names in a loaded 2024 class.  They both are crafty and shifty, have excellent ball skills, can create for themselves, have tremendous court awareness and spacing, and are absolute pests on defense.  Can say this with confidence… they really impressed many of our scouts this weekend.