As you may have read, there was talent that could be found all over the court.  We just recently released our best-of-the-best players from the event that I personally saw but there are several others that left a lasting impression on me as well.  That is why these players captured my eyes as well, really leaving a mark on the event in Rock Hill. Here is Part 2

2022 Quave Propst-Allison (PSB): When you were watching the PSB Larking team this weekend, you could see that there is talent to found everywhere you look for several levels.  One player that continues to capture my interest is 2022 PG Quave Propst-Allison, especially with his speed, getting out in transition, and finishing around the rim.  I just haven’t seen too many players be able to stay in front of him offensively and he brings that same energy and footwork on the defensive end.

2022 Jeremy Dixon (Team EAT): Dixon continues to elevate his play and really seems to be ready to show that his game has taken another level… so watch out this summer and upcoming high school season.  The 6’6 prospect makes his presence felt, especially with his blend of explosion, physicality, athleticism, and versatility.  He can knock down jumpers but also gets to the rim, and he can really be a key piece defensively as he has the size to defend at multiple spots. Dixon continues to get stronger and it is really paying off in the end for him.

2022 Faheim Meran (Team ME): Playing for Team ME from Florida, Meran really caught my eyes on multiple occasions.  The 6’6 point guard has tremendous size for his position but it was his playmaking and vision on the floor, as he delivered terrific, on-time passes with either hand and scoring well when the opportunity is there.  Learning he already holds a few offers, it is easy to see why, and is now a new name on my radar.

2023 Evan Morton (Team Synergy): Morton had himself an impressive showing in the championship game, really carrying the load for Team Synergy.  Playing in the winning system at Weddington, Morton is one to really watch as he should continue to see his name pop up more and more with him just coming off his sophomore season. But he doesn’t force anything on the floor, whether it is needed in him facilitating or taking over the scoring power.  He got several paint touches but his pull-up can be just as deadly. 

2023 DJ Barksdale (Upward Stars): Barksdale simply won me over with his play and was one of the more consistent players on his team that should be getting a little more attention. Though listed at 5’10, Barksdale made play after play with his quick/shifty play as a guard, excelling in the open floor, creating off the bounce, finishing in the paint, and also getting to his spots to continue to show his range.  He is a tough guard and one that played a big part for his team this weekend.

2024 Christian Andrews (Upward Stars): Andrews has been a familiar name for me for quite a while now, watching him last summer and this high school season at Asheville School.  Now, he is doing it once again for Upward Stars, as Andrews has a unique ability to be a scoring guard but knows how to run an offense and get others involved. He plays fearlessly on the court and loves to get after it.