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Coach: Wyndale Homes

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#8: 5'4 '26 Ameya Brown (Terry Sanford)

Starting things off, we look at a player who consistently found ways to impact the game on both ends of the floor, Ameya Brown. She's a smart, rugged, high-motor lead guard prospect with excellent defensive prowess and a polished scoring arsenal. Brown is a useful creator, both for herself and others, and applies quality scoring pressure from all levels. She's a pesky on-ball defender who regularly forces turnovers at the point of attack. Next in her development process is working on the use of her off-hand, as it would make her a better ball-handler against pressure. Coach Homes on Brown: 'Ameya can work on her understanding of 'how can I make my team better on both sides of the ball'' IQ of the game is very important. She can work on going to the basket with her left hand. She played well, but can continue to work on her game and never settle for average output. Always play and practice hard, and she will be successful in basketball.' Brown proved to be a definite asset at camp and should be a huge piece for Terry Sanford going forward.

#19: 5'5 '27 Maria Dehnel (North Raleigh Christian Academy)

Next, we look at a player who did a nice job of actively filling in the gaps whenever possible, Maria Dehnel. She's a young, smart guard prospect with a high motor and unselfish approach to the game. Dehnel is capable of knocking down open shots, finishing around the basket, and finding opportunities within the flow of the action. She's a solid all-around defender who utilizes her energy to outwork opponents. Next in her development process is working on the use of her off-hand, as it would make her a better finisher around the basket. Coach Homes on Dehnel: 'I want Maria to work on becoming a guard. She can work on ball-handling first, then shooting. Her pace can get faster. She can find out how she fits in a game that might be faster. There were some average moments, but Maria can be a good player with continued work. She doesn't need to develop her entire game in one season, but rather piece by piece. Working on ball-handling, shooting, and team defense will take her far.' Dehnel enjoyed a solid showing at camp and will be a prospect to watch grow for NRCA over the coming years.

#35: 5'7 '25 Aiyana Harrison (Hunt)

Moving onto a player who produced exceptionally well as a two-way cog, Aiyana Harrison. She's a tough, team-oriented guard prospect with nice size and the understanding of how to produce within a role. Harrison is a lethal midrange shooter and capable threat from beyond the arc, but also looks to attack closeouts whenever possible. She stands out at the point of attack and contains her assignment well defensively. Harrison also moves very well without the ball. Next in her development process is working on her transition defense, as she has the ability to get back and halt opposing fast-break chances with increased effort. Coach Homes on Harrison: 'Aiyana needs to work on her transition defense. She did a lot of things well, but there are various areas that she can work on to improve her game. Developing her decision-making when attacking the basket will make a huge difference.' Harrison did a variety of things well at camp and should be a meaningful contributor for Hunt over these next two seasons.  

#53: 5'9 '26 Gabbi Greer (North Stokes)

Continuing onto a player who made a lasting impression through her ability to produce within the flow of the action, Gabbi Greer. She's a smart, scrappy, fairly well-rounded guard prospect with reliable shooting ability. Greer plays hard and displays an unselfish approach on both ends of the floor. She rebounds well, moves without the ball, and does a little bit of everything on the court. Next in her development process is working on the use of her off-hand, as it would make her an even better creator off the bounce. Coach Homes on Greer: 'I really like how Gabbi plays within herself and is never out of control. She can become a very good point guard, one that can keep the team at her pace. She's a player that makes the right decision. Gabbi can improve her play with working on her handle, vision, and defensive intensity. She needs to stay in good shape and expect to play a lot of minutes. I enjoyed coaching her throughout the day.' Greer did a lot of things well during her time at camp and should be a focal point for North Stokes going forward.

#66: 5'11 '25 Icyss Storm (Grace Christian)

Next, we look at a player who possesses a favorable crossroads between productivity and long-term upside, Icyss Storm. She's a tough, team-oriented forward/post prospect with a phenomenal motor and the ability to reliably do the dirty work. Storm is a quality finisher and scorer out of the post, but also moves extremely well without the ball and hits jumpers at a high percentage from the perimeter. She's very quick, especially for her size, which allows her to cause a ton of problems for opponents defensively. Storm also rebounds the ball at a consistent rate on both ends of the floor. Next in her development process is working on the use of her off-hand, as it would make her a better ball-handler. Coach Homes on Storm: 'Icyss is a very hard worker on the court and should continue doing those small things to impact the game. Working on her left hand when going to the basket will help her game grow. Understanding spacing on defense will make her even more deadly. She's extremely tough, but can be overly physical at times defensively.' Storm stood out as a difference-maker at camp and should have a highly productive junior season for Grace Christian.

#68: 5'11 '26 Kara Brinkley (East Burke)

Moving onto a player who arguably stood out as the most polished, skilled camper on display, Kara Brinkley. She's a smart, unselfish, all-around guard prospect with an incredible blend of size, creation instincts, and scoring prowess. Brinkley can generate clean looks for herself and others from anywhere on the floor. She scores from all levels, poses a quality spot-up threat without the ball, and contains her assignment extremely well on defense. She also rebounds at a strong rate for her position. Next in her development process is working on the use of her off-hand, as it would make her an even better ball-handler. Coach Homes on Brinkley: 'Kara plays with outstanding effort. She has a high motor and gives her team very positive energy. She has a very high upside to her game. Kara possesses something that cannot be taught- drive, effort, and a no-quit attitude. Those quality parts of her game will take her far. She can work on her right hand to get as confident as she is with her left. If she continues to work hard and put time into her game, she will continue to get better.' Brinkley was undeniably impressive at camp, securing the Playmaker Award, and has all the tools to emerge as a notable prospect over the foreseeable future.

#75: 6'0 '27 Lenise Joseph (North Mecklenburg)

Continuing onto a player who truly possesses all the necessary tools to become a nationally regarded prospect, Lenise Joseph. She's a strong, physically overwhelming post prospect with touch, toughness, and feel on both ends of the floor. Joseph consistently finished, controlled the glass, and protected the paint defensively. She's great at using her body to secure position and play through contact. Joseph also made smart passes, knocked down jumpers at a solid clip, and ran the floor effectively in transition. She simply showcased a highly advanced identity on both ends of the floor. Next in her development process is continuing to polish her post arsenal, as she would become virtually unstoppable on the block. Coach Homes on Joseph: 'Lenise is a very good player. The thing I would like to see her work on is a short-range pull-up jumper, going both left and right. She finishes well around the basket, but should keep working to develop with her back to the basket.' Joseph showcased a lot of high-level ability at camp, securing the MVP Award, and will definitely be a prospect to monitor closely over the coming years.  

#80: 6'4 '24 Khloe Miller (NC GBB)

Finishing up, we look at a player who competed at a high level despite already being committed to the next level, Khloe Miller. She's a long, mobile, athletic forward prospect with excellent size and two-way instincts. Miller is a useful creator with the ball in her hands, displaying vision, quickness, and ball-handling ability, but also finds consistent success without the ball. Her active motor allows her to make hustle plays and secure second-chance opportunities around the basket. She finishes, rebounds, and alters shots defensively. Next in her development process is working to get stronger, as it would make her even more difficult for opponents to contain. Coach Homes on Miller: 'Khloe has a lot of tools. Conditioning will be a huge factor in determining how far her game will go. She needs to work on getting in excellent shape and utilizing her size more effectively on the court. Khloe can continue working on going to her left and developing her pull-up jumper. She's also good defensively, but can work on contesting every shot in her area.' Miller proved to be an asset at camp and should have a highly productive year for NC GBB before heading to East Carolina.