Player: Taelor Lee-Sutton
Class: 2028
Height: 5'4
Position: Guard

We continue to highlight the incredible talent around the state and region, especially with the names we saw at the Select 60 camp.  We have had plenty of names for you, but one of our youngest players that we wanted to highlight was 2028 Taelor Lee-Sutton, who has a chance to be something special as she grows and develops.

Here is what we said at the event:

'2028 Taelor Lee-Sutton is simply Tough! Extremely strong point guard, scrappy creator, finds ways to get into the paint and score, or get others involved. Big time talent to watch for. @Select60 @LadyPhenomHoops #PhenomHoops'

And we weren't the only ones who were impressed when sitting down to watch her, as plenty of well-respected scouts also had her as a standout. When talking about her game, she was one who was able to flourish with the ball in her hands, showcasing her handles and feel, having a smart IQ for the game, and finding ways to score effectively but also make good decisions. She does a great job of attacking the defense, gets inside the defense, shows touch and feel, and as we mentioned above, is a scrappy creator.  There is a lot to like about this young guard, especially for a player at her age.  She has a chance to be something special in the region, so it would be wise to jot her name down NOW.