Player: Ellie Fyans
Height: 6’4
Class: 2025
School: Providence Day

Phenom Hoops and Lady Phenom had a great opportunity to attend a phenomenal event with the Select 60 in Charlotte, as players from around the region came to compete and showcase their talent.  What was great about the event is that it brought us new names to look out for this upcoming season, and one center that captured my eyes was 2025 6’4 Ellie Fyans.

At the event, we had this to say:

“2025 Ellie Fyans really does a nice job controlling the paint. Great size at 6’4, makes herself big on defense, alters shots, helps on the boards, and can be a presence offensively in the paint. @Select60 @LadyPhenomHoops #PhenomHoops”

Her size grabs your attention immediately, but you can see that she showcases flashes and potential in what she could ultimately be.   Fyans was able to make her presence felt on both ends of the court, playing hard, competing and battling in the paint, being a good presence offensively, but also helping control her opponents defensively.  I’m eager to watch her develop her game more this season, as I believe she will be a key piece to her team’s success and is one player to keep an eye on.

Have no doubt that she will be putting in the work more this offseason and upcoming high school season.