Player: Emerson Thompson
Class: 2024
Position: Guard
School: Falls Lake Academy

Another player that has been catching a lot of attention with her play is 2024 Emerson Thompson. She is coming off a strong sophomore season in which she averaged 19.2 points, 10.0 rebounds, 6.0 assists, 3.3 steals, and 2.4 blocks per game, while also showing how she can be a threat from multiple levels and impact the court in a variety of ways.  Thompson also had a strong summer and is now gearing up for another strong high school season in which she looks to lead the way again.  Phenom Hoops spoke with her to see how everything has been going, her focus this upcoming season, and the latest in her recruitment.

Phenom: How has everything been going this summer as far as basketball for you and now preparing for the upcoming season?
Thompson: We had successful July Live periods and after those tournaments, I was able to reflect on what I need to work on for the rest of the summer and fall to prepare for the school season.  I’ve really been focusing on ball handling and being more confident in my dribble.  I have also been doing a bit of weights to work on strength and explosiveness.

Phenom: Is that how you think your game has grown over the last year? Any other areas you think you have grown as a player?
Thompson: Yes, I think so. Also, just getting shots up whenever I can also helps a lot.

Phenom: How would you best describe your game as a player?
Thompson: I would say versatile because I try to be a player that can contribute no matter what way the game is going.  I really enjoy providing energy on the court, getting assists, and grabbing rebounds.

Phenom: What is your excitement about leading your team this year? What are your goals this year?
Thompson: I am super excited about the team this year.  We have a bunch of girls who are willing to go out and play as hard as they can in each game.  My goals for this year are to win the conference again and get another playoff win or two.

Phenom: What have you seen from your team so far early on?
Thompson: I’ve seen amazing work ethic and great attitudes from our team in workouts so far.

Phenom: How has recruitment been going for you? What has been the latest?
Thompson: Recruiting has been great this year and I have had the opportunity to connect with different coaches. I was also blessed to receive offers from Campbell and Anderson following the live periods.  I enjoy the process and continuing talks with other schools throughout the fall.

Phenom: Have you been able to take any visits?
Thompson: I visited Anderson in the beginning of August and I am making plans to visit Campbell and High Point this fall.