Player: Olivia Yancey
Class: 2027
Height: 5'8
School: NC GBB
AAU: Carolina All Stars

Lady Phenom was back on the courts to end the summer off in a big way with the Phenom Summer Finale, as we had a chance to not only watch big-time talent but also learn a few new names along the way.  We were able to catch up with Coach Ty Cox, a staple here in North Carolina as he brought some intriguing young talent to watch for.  When speaking with him, he mentioned one of his young players to watch out for; when he mentions, you should listen.

2027 5'8 Olivia Yancey was the name and it didn't take long to see why. Yancey has a bright future as she continues to develop, but you can easily see that she has the talent to make a name for herself.  Yancey is a shifty, high IQ guard that plays with poise, creates well for herself and others, can score with confidence from multiple levels, and doesn't get sped up with her play. Composed, scores effectively, rebounds well, and impacts the game in a variety of ways. 

Yancey plays with a tremendous feel for the game at her age, that it has to make you excited to see how she will continue to develop and add more to her game.  But she is certainly one that has earned her name on our watch list.

What Was Said:

'When Coach Cox mentions to you to watch out for one of his players, you need to listen' and Yancey didn't disappoint in her showing.' She put on a strong showing on Day 1, as she has good size and length early on at her age. But she creates well, plays with tremendous pace and feel, creates well of the bounce, and can score from a variety of ways.' She would be a name to watch out for in the coming years.'

“Yancey is a quality ball-handler and midrange shooter with an understanding of how to set up others or apply scoring pressure when needed. She displays quickness and sharp defensive instincts, which she utilizes to harass opposing ball-handlers and force turnovers at the point of attack. Yancey also works hard to get back in transition. Coach Butts on Yancey: 'Olivia has a quick first step and good ability to shoot off the dribble. She's a good defender and willing hustle player. I would like to see her become a little more assertive.' Yancey highlighted a lot of appealing qualities at camp and will certainly be a prospect to monitor over the coming years.”