I first took notice of Kyrese last Spring and what caught my eye in addition to his length and powerful frame was his quickness and coordination for a young man at that size.' He handled the basketball and created off the dribble, posted up and scored and even showed three point shooting potential.' As I've watched him progress and now play on the EYBL Circuit for Team Durant against players with similar physical attributes I am even more convinced of his potential as a mid to high major prospect.' He has a great feel for the game, very good skills and versatility.' Kyrese is a great athlete, gifted with tremendous coordination and fluidity at his size.' He is very agile and has solid footwork and great hands.' He has great body control and negotiates his way around the paint with quickness, always active!' In the post he plays big and physical, showing a willingness to bang and seek out contact.' Gets great position in the paint employing his big, powerful frame to establish working position on the blocks.' Isn't afraid of physicality and plays well through contact.' Does a great job sealing his defender and presenting himself to the basketball.' Kyrese has a powerful drop step move and can finish at the rim with very good consistency through contact.' Once he catches the ball in the paint he's pretty much automatic!' Kyrese is also efficient out to 18 feet as a face up shooter displaying sound shot mechanics and consistency.' Also capable of taking his man off the dribble from there mostly overpowering his defender but also showing off some shiftiness and a capable handle that allows him to change directions effortlessly and quickly.' He can stretch defenses in addition to his dominant play inside.' Kyrese has great potential as a defender and can defend multiple positions.' He moves his feet very well, can defend the perimeter and hedge on screens.' Maintains good defensive posture and has surprisingly quick feet allowing him to contain the dribble.' In the paint Kyrese is more than a handful.' He gets off the ground quickly and has good timing and can block shots.' Plays with unrelenting effort both guarding anywhere on the floor and rebounding.' He has a quick second jump and is a very good rebounder on both ends.' Kyrese plays with alot of confidence and aggression, he is highly unselfish.' It's easy to see his potential as a wing or a 3/4 type as he continues to develop.' He has a college body and loves to compete.' He will be among the most dominant players in the paint in a state that boasts talented big men with much better length because of his ability to relentlessly punish defenders with his powerful body and his offensive variety that forces you to respect his ability to score with good consistency out to 18 feet.' Division 1 coaches should add Kyrese Mullen to their watch list, he's coming!