Take it all in because it's here now the Live Period is upon us and that means spring weather and breakout stars.

You're sure to indulge in the atmosphere of coaches chatter, squeaky kicks, and the passionate AAU parents. Amongst all the noise you can look around throughout the layup lines, the stands, and the snack lines, peep all the noise blockers that have become a bonafide accessory to the game.

Music is just apart of the pregame ritual at this point, it's used as a tool to focus in and get to a space mentally where you can unlock that inner beast. Recently J. Cole hit us with the spontaneous announcement of a new album, which proceeded the announcement four days later. Just in time for the live period all the coaches, media, and players traveling alike will have some smooth tunes to ease them through.

KOD has been trending nationwide and we can soon expect the flood of Live Period pics captioned with Cole quotes. Along with the poster quotes, there will be numerous sampled snippets from the album chopped into the various mixtapes, and NBA promos created over the next few months. KOD may just guide the hoopsworld all the way into the June takeover.

I know you're reading and listening but you have to hear this message to really peep the game at hand here. Now Jermaine Cole originates from the Hoop State and his love of hoops is deeply embedded in his music, this has been evident in past works and with the new message in KOD that's been delivered to us. The game has always been apart of Cole and when he hung up the kicks he carried on with it through his lyrics.

Cole has a music that's relatable to everyone because it comes from the heart. So when he delivers a message to our youth it has an opportunity to touch a large part of the demographic that dominates our game. A demographic currently at a very impressionable stage who actively seek acceptance and guidance from peers and male role models.

Cole can be seen kicking it with all your prospects favorite hoopers and a solid majority are rocking the jams of Fayettnam's favorite son. Hoops and hip hop may be intertwined more now than ever before not only through music, but through lifestyle and fashion as well.

Unlike a lot of 'new rappers' mentioned (check track 12. 1985 outro), Cole has a more conscious and informative type flow. He isn't pushing the normal prerogative this message is about making it to a better life the right way. KOD isn't going to rock any clubs, but to be fair if you're on the road for hours at a time absorbing noise in your head shouldn't it at least be useful noise' There have been numerous reviews and I'm not here to tell anyone how to feel, but one thing is undeniable, the message is clear and can be applied in life and in coaching within the hoops culture.

Like hoops, rap is a scene where scouts and fans are always in search for the next hot thing but sustainability after success in either isn't easy. In this Kanye driven age we're all encouraged to feel ourselves and embrace all our accomplishments even the minor ones. So now players are more entitled than ever.

Everyone wants to go DI or be a blue blood recruit and that mindset has been valued over finding the right fit to flourish. Currently verbal commits lists 518 players set to transfer this off season because of one reason or another, but it's obviously majority of these players made their first chose for the wrong reasons.

We have to build confidence and allow young boys to grow but also keep it real and instill the mindset that this game can ultimately provide a platform for a better life. Be careful who you listen to in your corner; like Cole said ' Everybody talking like they know something these days.'

Any free education is good education so don't fall for your own hype, use your platform responsibly and carry yourself and your brand with pride this season!