By: Kevin Dawkins

The highlights and social media blasts will cover a ton of prospects offensive game but what will get players noticed is on the defensive end.  That is why these five players stood out to Phenom Hoop Report, especially with their defensive presence on the court.

#62 6’4 2021 Kamell Smith (Burlington NC)

Smith is a very athletic wing with good length and moves exceptionally well laterally. Smith plays with a very high motor on the defensive end and is a rim protector. During the event, if the stat was tracked he would have been one of the leaders in the blocks department.

#57 6’3 2019 Brevin Goodlett (Spencer NC)

I have heard so much about this young man but 1st time seeing him for myself. Just a small sample size but he is one of the better defenders I have seen all year nice frame high motor and physical. Brevin was tenacious on the ball and just as good off the ball always had hand in passing lane as well being a vocal presence on that end of the floor.

#27 6’0 2020 Arrington Jones (Winston Salem NC)

You always hear coaches say I need you to talk on defense be loud well Jones is one kid you never have to tell to talk on defense. Jones is a pest on defense he came up with numerous off the ball steals and loose balls. You have to love kids like this who aren’t afraid to guard the other team’s best guard.

#73 6’6 2021 Anthony Sellers (Winston Salem)

Sellers has so much potential on this end of the court it’s scary. He defended all 5 positions and excelled at all of them at times. Long wiry and athletic on the wing he jumps passing lanes slide his feet to stay in front of guards and while in the post either alter or block shots. The young man has a chance to be one of the better players in 2021 in NC and I believe it was a coming out party for him.

#38 6’2 2020 John Tastinger II (Otto)

John has one gear and it’s all out. I really appreciate players who give everything they got especially in this age when players think they are to cool to play defense in camps. John didn’t rack up a lot of steal in the games I saw but he was so dialed in on defense he kept his assignment from scoring and forced them to get the ball out they hands.