By: Kevin Dawkiins

There was an array of players that caught the eye of Phenom Hoop Report, no matter what class they were in.  But here are a few players to keep an eye on in the 2020 class, as they should see a rise in the coming months.

#16 5’10 Jordan Coleman (Chester SC)

Not sure what else can be said about Mr. Coleman that’s hasn’t already been said but the word of the day that best describes him is RELENTLESS! Coleman comes at you on offense and defense with the same motor and it runs nonstop. Stocky built and strong no one kept him out the lane and once he got there he was bringing the pain. Coleman had to be in the top 5 of most athletic kids in attendance and for me, I wasn’t expecting him to finish fast breaks with dunks by far one of my favorite players of the day.

#41 6’2 Lee Langstaff (Whittier NC)

Lee had a productive day on both sides of the ball and I was very impressed with his defensive ability. Lee stayed in front of his man and caused numerous turnovers which allowed him to show his athletic ability in transition. In the half court setting, he was able to beat his man off the dribble and get to the basket and finish through contact or draw the defense in and kick to an open teammate.

#44 6’2 Max Rogers (Waynesville NC)

Max did a great job playing the combo guard role for his team today. During the day you could see him being the main point guard looking for open teammates after 3-4 assist in a row you are thinking man this kid is a really good point guard next thing you know he knocks down 2-3 3’s from very deep. Hard to put him at just one position all I know is that he is a ballplayer one you need to just put on the floor and let him go play.

#15 5’10 Jarrod DeBose (Tarawa Terrace NC)

DeBose brought energy and defense from the start of the day and it lasted through all 3 games. DeBose is another kid you want on your team he guarded the best perimeter player vocal on defense seemed to always want it more than anyone else on the court. Defense is where it started for him, but he is also very good on the offensive end as well.  With him being so strong on his upper body he had players bouncing off him while attacking the rim and showed a consistent jumper. He is a very willing passer giving up his good shots for even better shots for his team.

#55 6’3 Robbie Boulton (Greensboro NC)

Boulton won’t wow you but he is a great gamer manager. He seems to never get rattled no matter the defensive pressure put on him he just goes about his business and racks up assist. He does a lot of things that goes unnoticed but if you look in the scorebook after the game you can see the impact he had over the course of the game.