By: Kevin Moses

Player: Bryar Bailes
Twitter: @Bryarbailes2
Height: 5’10, 165lbs
Class of 2024
School: Midland Trail High School

Bailes was awesome to watch. With an extremely high motor, this gem was fierce and as scrappy as they come. Bailes is tough and gritty, playing like he is 10ft tall. Fearless and constantly on the attack, no matter who he faced, he was a problem. He can really score the ball from outside or off the bounce, but it was that defensive hustle that stood out the most. He was everywhere and pressing him just won’t work. Bailes is too fast and crafty with the ball. Despite his size, he grabbed a ton of rebounds and showed a great IQ, getting the ball to the right people at the perfect moment. Bryar didn’t make many mistakes.

Player: Zane Saunders
Twitter: @zanesaunders10
Height: 6’7, 185lbs
Class of 2025
School: South Charleston High School

Sanders is an incredible athlete who is so versatile that he causes a ton of matchup problems. He’s athletic and crafty with nice handles and slick moves to get free. Zane’s speed off the bounce is impressive, allowing him to take on bigger defenders while being too long and big for smaller ones. He shoots at a high level from downtown with a smooth touch. Deceptive speed catches defenders off guard when he attacks off the bounce, and he can finish strong if he gets a step on you. There’s no problem with him rising up and nailing the mid-range either. A nice passer at his size, which also catches the defense by surprise as Zane has a high IQ on both ends. He was the biggest standout yet again for the second day in a row. This young stud is on fire.

Player: Max Wilcox
Twitter: @MaxWilcox19 
Height: 6’3
Class of 2025
School: Charleston Catholic High School

This extremely talented young star was impressive in every phase of the game from all three levels; lethal. He was a beast on the boards and played tough defense and dropped some nice dimes. Best I have seen him play all year hands down. Against the top talent in WV, he was scrappy and high energy fueling his team with high level performance. Max isn’t just hype but electric on both ends with his nonstop motor and does it all out there. He is a triple threat scoring option legitimately, knocking down the long-range bomb. Explosive off the bounce with fearless intent and purpose. That first step is wicked and catches defenders by surprise causing real problems trying to contain him. He is a master facilitator and can make things happen quickly.

Player: Trey Stump
Twitter: @treystump10
Height: 6’1″ 150lbs
Class of 2025
Nicholas County High School

An amazing floor general, Stump always looks to make his teammates better. Trey is very skilled at micromanaging the offense to produce high-quality shots, showcasing a high offensive IQ. But don’t think Trey is just a passer; he’s a high-percentage three-point sniper who can also attack off the bounce, creating opportunities for himself and others. Trey is a pass-first guard, but he’s quite crafty and creative running the show. He never forces or takes bad shots, and he’s a rock-solid defender. He is one of those scrappy players I love so much, even making an impact on the boards. Whatever role Trey needs to play to get the win, he will deliver. Trey has certainly found his groove as he shined bright on the big stage, establishing he belonged.

Player: Max Moore
Twitter: @MaxMoore_11
Height: 5’11, 147lbs
Class of 2025
School: Sissionville High School

Moore is a silent assassin. An electric young star that can really light it up from long range. Give him any space and write it in the books but Max also has sneaky speed. Runs the court extremely well and scores a lot in transition due to that hustle. Max is fearless to attack off the bounce. He is an efficient shooter who never forces or takes bad shots. High IQ helps him make great decisions. Max can make some sweet passes as he is always looking for the open man. One of the most unselfish players out there. He mixes it up on the boards and is a solid scrappy defender. His high motor is nonstop on both sides of the ball and he never quite or takes a play off no matter the score.