By: Kevin Moses

Player: Harry Silvis
Twitter: @silvisharry07
Height: 6’2 ,160
Class of 2026
School: Parkersburg South High School

Silvis is a dynamic young athlete who is extremely aggressive and a triple-threat scoring machine. Harry is lethal from downtown and explosive off the bounce. A good ball handler that creates space for great shots or simply punishes defenders by elevating to shoot over them. Harry is extremely composed under pressure and rises up for big moments in any game. He has a nice offensive IQ and understands how to break down the defense or create opportunities for his teammates as a solid passer. Harry is scrappy on the defensive end and turns turnovers into points in a hurry. He always plays with a winning edge and will compete till the final buzzer. His energy is contagious fueling his team as he never takes a play off. The first time I saw him play this gem was shooting lights out and no one could check him. Play him tight and he has the ability and speed to blow right by you and finish strong at the basket.

Player: Joshua Renfro
Twitter: @JoshuaRenfro25
Height: 6’2
Class of 2025
School: Christian Academy of Indiana

Renfro is a prolific triple-threat scoring clinic. Joshua is lethal from downtown with a silky-smooth touch. Electrifying off the bounce with fierce crafty moves and shifty speed to blow by defenders for easy scores. Even playing physically tight defense doesn’t slow this stud down. Joshua can drop a sweet dime. Mixes it well on the boards and is an outstanding defender. Over the summer, Joshua added weight and strength while elevating both his offensive IQ and defensive swagger. Last season, he averaged 22pts, 5rebs, and 2asts. Joshua’s goal for the upcoming season is to win sectionals and lead his team all the way to state and dazzle us all every step of the way, keeping us begging for more of his show. Coaches need to know this is one of the hardest workers out there with a passion and purpose to be great and it has been evident for a couple of years now that Joshua has consistently improved every single year. Already a standout against some of the best players out there, Joshua is one college coaches should look at, and his high ceiling and fierce nature will continue to open doors. He never settles on just being good and competing but that dog in him is hungry to win every game. Joshua is a proven leader and winner.

Player: Keagan Swope
Twitter: @keaganballer21
Height: 5’11 , 140
Class of 2024
School: Nelsonville-York High School

Swope is a dynamic young true point guard who thrives in a fast-paced style game. As a true point guard, it’s a team-first mindset as Keagan has amazing court vision and loves to fuel his teammates more than getting baskets for himself. That’s old-school magic right there and a dying breed; we don’t see so much anymore. But don’t think that means this gem right here can’t shoot, he is simply that unselfish. Keagan is a very effective triple-threat scoring option when he needs to score. Have to respect his shooting ability or Keagan will make you pay. But Keagan’s calling card is his defense. Keagan mostly would rather play defense than offense. Great court vision on the defensive end as well and anticipation turns defense into offense with the best out there. Fierce and scrappy. His favorite accomplishment was making it to the GRBA Nationals in Fort Wayne Indiana. Keagan’s biggest improvement has been his ball handling and his jump shot this off-season. Could mean trouble for the defense if this young star decides to look to score more.

Player: BJ Powell
Twitter: @bjpowellthe2nd
Height: 6’0 ft, 150
Class of 2026
School: Lincolnway East High School

Powell is a shifty and dynamic athlete. BJ can light up the scoreboard in a hurry as a strong triple-threat scoring option. Doesn’t need any space to get his shots off which causes all sorts of problems. Defenders can’t contain him. BJ is explosive and crafty off the bounce and a fierce finisher. Even with contact, BJ still gets it done. A strong leader and facilitator who has an extremely high IQ. Knows the exact moment to take over and dominate a game. BJ is a nice passer and rock-solid defender. In the AAU session, BJ played two years up and still was a force to be reckoned with the Nike Meanstreets 17U EYBL. That’s a statement within itself.

Player: Noah Ritchards
Twitter: @Noah_Ritch32
Height: 6’6 , 195
School: St. Thomas Episcopal High School, TX

Ritchards is an extremely athletic versatile big with some of the best footwork and post moves I have ever seen. With his size, Noah can be an overpowering force hard to contain. A beast in the paint but can step out and knock down the long-range bomb. When Noah sets his mind to score, there is no slowing him down and he is a defensive gem; loves shot blocking and is a beast on the boards. The biggest improvement I saw over the summer was his scoring ability. The defensive swagger is what sets him apart. He was a double-double machine from the season until now. During summer ball alone, Noah averaged 12.5 points, 11 rebounds, 7 blocks, and 2 steals per game. Always a steady hand you can depend on out there. Noah has set the goal to average 14pts and 10rebs next season and be a huge part of a deep championship run. My assessment is this star is already effective when he sets his mind and has a high ceiling as he continues to get better consistently. Coaches keep a close eye on this gem as you wont find a more fierce and athletic defender out there.