By: Kevin Moses

Player: Camden Fall Thompson
Twitter: @CamFallThompson
Height: 6’5
Class of 2025
School: Whitehall High School, MI

Thompson is one of the electrifying phenoms I have seen to date. This young stud has been tearing up the court at an All-State level since his freshman year. One of the most explosive and dominating gems in the entire state since day one. The scary part is Camden is a three-sport athlete, equally dominant in all three. With his great size and strength, he simply overpowers most defenders. Camden is a triple threat scoring option you just can’t check. He holds the school record for most points in a season with 496 points. But not even close to being one dimensional as Camden is a Windex man on the boards. He holds the season state record for most rebounds in a single season for the record book, Michigan High School Athletic Association with 303 rebounds. Camden also holds his school records for the most offensive rebounds in a season with 133 rebounds, and most defensive rebounds in a season with 170. Let’s talk defense now, Camden is an outstanding defender and certainly impacts every game as an awesome rim protector and makes steals regularly. This young star is an absolute beast, and this has earned him the Division 2 2x All-State including his freshman year. Think it's safe to say PHENOM. Best part Camden is a team first player and will do whatever it takes on both ends to help his team win.

Player: Ryan Phillips
Twitter: @RyanPhillipss3
Height: 6’1, 150
Class of 2026
School: Sequoyah High School

Phillips is a vocal leader with a nonstop motor. High energy and is a lethal triple-threat scoring machine. Ryan is such an efficient shooter that controlling the shot won’t distract him from knocking down the shot. Ryan has a silky-smooth shot from deep. Mixes it up on the boards very well and can fuel his teammates with nice dimes. Ryan averaged 17 points, 3 assists, and 5 rebounds during the AAU session and 3 triples a game. Ryan’s favorite highlight and accomplishment was getting his first dunk and then going 5-0 in one day.

Player: Pearson Carmichael
Twitter: @pearsoncarm2024
Height: 6’7, 200
Class of 2024
School: Summit High School, OR

Carmichael is an elite player who made his living punishing defenders at will on all three levels. This stud can flat-out score. With a beautiful touch from deep or exploding with crafty moves and fierce finishes, Pearson is a matchup nightmare. A triple-threat scoring machine, Pearson is that guy who finds your weakness as a defender and exploits it to his advantage. But with his high IQ, he reads and directs the entire defense like a surgeon with a knife. But he is anything but one-dimensional. Pearson drops sweet dimes like candy as well as gobbles up boards like a man possessed as well. But the best part is Pearson gets it that defense wins games. He is an amazing 3 and D stud. Kid is better than the hype. In the AAU session, Pearson averaged 30 points, 12 rebounds, and 7 assists. That is man among boys taking the defense to the woodshed. Pearson’s biggest improvement was working off the ball and getting his feet set for the catch-and-shoot. The kid lived in the weight room too.

Player: Gavin Carter
Twitter: @gavincarter2024
Height: 6’2, 162
Class of 2024
School: Chaparral High School

Carter is lightning fast off the bounce. Crafty and creative as the engine that makes this offense go. Gavin has some of the tightest handles in the business. With an wicked floater that’s nearly unguardable because he can also shoot the three, defenders must respect him all over the floor. Gavin kills defenders with his blow-by-speed to free himself up to get that floater. With amazing court vision and a high offensive IQ, Gavin thrives in making the right playmaking decisions for his team. Gavin excels at playing hard-nosed defense. In the AAU session, Gavin averaged 16 points and 5 assists per game. Gavin’s biggest improvement was elevating his strength, speed, and jumping ability. The hard work paid to play hard went off and now he has increased his vertical.

Player: Dylan Hall
Twitter: @DylanLhall10
Height: 6’0 ,165
Class of 2026
School: Friendswood High School

Hall is a three-point specialist who torches the nets with that silky smooth touch. Dylan is a fierce combo guard with wicked handles he uses to get an advantage over defenders with a devastating first step to get downhill in a flash fit and easily finishes. He has uncontainable blow by speed-breaking ankles off the bounce but can deliver sweet dimes with his high IQ and court vision. As much as Dylan loves to score, he loves to fuel his teammates as well. But Dylan proves himself on his defense as well. Intensely passionate on that end of the floor, Dylan is scrappy and tenacious getting up into his opponents forcing turnovers and missed shots to fuel fast breaks and easy baskets. Dylan thrives on fast-paced games.