Player: Tristan Smith
Twitter: @Tristan _Smith25
Height: 6’7, 170
Class of 2025
School: Preston High School, WV

Smith is a glass eater and the ultimate blue-collar worker. Tristan is the teams first star. Tristan can score with any big in the paint but is the most unselfish player always looking to feed his teammates for easy baskets. Tristan makes his living on the block where offensively or defensively that is where he shines. Gets himself easy put-back opportunities by working on those boards. Tristan can really fuel the fast break with picture-perfect dimes in transition off rebounds or blocks. But Tristan is not one-dimensional as he has a beautiful touch from downtown. His favorite AAU highlight is making 6 triples in one game. Tristans goals for the upcoming season are to be an impact player gobbling up a ton of boards and easy put-backs. What separates Tristan from the pack is his humble do whatever is needed mindset. Not worried about being a 20-point scorer but determined to shine in other ways to get that win for his team. My assessment is Tristan has an extremely high ceiling and becomes a beast anytime he chooses. I believe this will be a special season for this big guy. Keep an eye on this one.

Player: Julian Hughes
Twitter: @ _JulianH2026
Height: 5’10 ,166
Class of 2026
School: Heathwood Hall Episcopal School, SC

Hughes is a scrappy and tenacious defensive stud. Taking cookies and turning that defense into offense in a flash. A fierce finisher in transition and dropping dimes like candy. With incredible IQ and added strength from being a dual sport athlete, Julain is a game-built guard with amazing playmaking skills, a good shooter, and explosive and creative finishing at the rim. Last season, Julian averaged 8.5 points, 5 assists, 4 rebounds, and 2 steals per game. In the AAU session, Julian averaged 13 points,4 assists, 2 rebounds, and 1 steal per game. Julian’s biggest improvement was getting his shot right, his explosiveness, ball handling, and increasing his IQ. Julians goal for the upcoming season is to get back to 100 percent after his injury and have a big impact in the second half of the season as his team makes a push for a deep playoff run.

Player: Hunter Walston
Twitter: @HunterWalston35
Height: 6’5, 190
Class of 2024
School: Noblesville High School, IN

Walston is a defensive stud! This gem reads offensive plays better than anyone I have ever seen as he crashes passing lanes with incredible timing and anticipation. That’s a high defensive IQ at its finest and he is a shot-blocking machine. He turns that defense into instant offense fueling a fast transition attack and getting that ball up the floor in a hurry with long accurate passes. Hunter can really bring the rain from deep offensively with a smooth touch at a blistering 40 percent clip; sniper. But he can also make hard cuts for strong finishes at the rim and when Hunter gets out in transition, you can count on a thunderous dunk or you might be his poster if he gets one step on you in the lane. And of course, Hunter is a beast on the boards and gets some sweet dimes. Simply the total package with great size and speed.

Player: Jack Kaley
Twitter: @_jackkaley_
Height: 6’3, 180
Class of 2025
School: Lake Howell High School, FL

Kaley is an electric triple-threat scoring option. That silky smooth rainmaker from deep is a thing of beauty. Known as a catch-and-shoot sniper, Jack was a sniper from out there. Jack finds gaps in the lane for great shots with nice elevation to get the shots he wants. Effectively attacks the lane and can finish strong at the rim. With a high IQ, Jack is sharp at paying watchful attention to detail and meticulous at playing the game right. That comes from being a gym rat with a relentless work ethic and perfecting his craft. Jack is always looking for open teammates ready to fuel them with easy opportunities. Jack is driven to do whatever it takes to get that win, he hates losing. Dont sleep on his defense and his sneaky speed to turn defense into offense in a flash. The AAU session was a tough one as Jack battled some injuries but not before having a 41-point game where he shot 10-14 from downtown right before the live period. This young star was smokin’ hot and couldn’t be contained. Lethal display of what Jack can do at any moment once he gets rolling. But that’s when it happened, an ankle sprain that took him 8 weeks to recover. Jack’s biggest improvement was his ability to attack the defense and get to spots off the dribble at any moment and also more focus on more open looks for his teammates as the defense had to adjust or collapse to contain him. Jack has set as his main goal to lead his team to the district championship which hasn’t been done in his school since 2007. This kid is hungry to be a trendsetter and start a new winning tradition. Jack wants to average 15+ points per game and make the All-District first team.

Player: Shamar Jones
Twitter: @Shamarr_j
Height: 6’5, 190
Class of 2025
School: Mountain House High School, CA

Jones is a dynamic athlete that is physical and gritty. He uses his size and strength to power through defenders to get what he wants offensively. A triple-threat scoring option but so explosive and strong off the bounce, Shamer imposes his will when in attack mode. With the ability to really elevate to get great looks, Shamar is a real problem to contain. His speed and strength and a matchup nightmare as he seeks out and exploits weakness in opposing guards. Not just a scorer but a tenacious on-ball defender and uses his size and strength as a huge advantage. In the last AAU session, Shamar averaged 15 points per game. The biggest improvement was the three-point shot and ball handling. This will translate into a stronger ability to keep the defense off balance and make his versatility a greater strength against defensive schemes and sets. With his high IQ takes his impact to a whole new level. Shamar’s favorite AAU memory was a dominating performance in a closeout game in the Compton Magic Memorial Day Classic where he put his team on his back and led that team to a big win. This young star was a clutch performer against really good talent. Shamar has set some big goals for this upcoming season to win the division, region and state tournament while earning all-region and all-state honors averaging 24 points a game. With the drive and passion to not only compete but bring out the dog in him to win, it’s going to be a huge task to stand between him and those goals.