By: Kevin Moses

Trace Stivers 
Twitter: @TraceStivers
Height: 6’8, 195
Class of 2025
School: Legacy Christian School, KY

Stivers is a dynamic versatile big that is among the best anywhere in my assessment. This stud can do it all and excels in every stats category we have. He could easily average extremely high-scoring numbers but thrives in making his teammates better. One the best passing bigs in the country transitioning defense into offense via the fast transitionally passing. When he rebounds, Trace’s eyes are always down the court looking to fuel the fast break for ease points. Trace is an extremely efficient shooter too. It’s almost automatic anytime he chooses to score inside or out. With a silky smooth touch, Trace is lethal from downtown shooting 45 percent from that range and 60 percent true shooting period. The numbers don’t lie. It’s Trace’s unselfishness that impresses me the most, he just loves being the workhorse that drives his team and pushes them to be better. Trace is a beast on the boards, like he owns the paint in everybody’s house and all rebounds belong to him. And his defense is rock solid too. Strong rim protector. Have to say Trace is one of the more complete bigs around with the ability to play the 3-5 effectively. His IQ and athletic abilities help him thrive in all he does. Most bigs are one-dimensional. That’s not the case here. 

Last season, Trace only averaged 2 points, 2 assists, and 3 rebounds. Things began to change in the AAU session where Trace averaged  6 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists. Trace’s biggest on-the-court accomplishment was gobbling up 20 rebounds like the Windex man, wiping the boards clean and closing out at the Grassroots Showcase in the Championship game. But off the court, this gem enjoys being able to connect with his teammates from across the state and learn from the game they have brought to the team. Trace’s goal has been to win as many games as possible while giving his all to win state and the 2k tournament. Trace feels that if that fire and passion to win isn’t there, he is doing his team and more importantly the game of basketball a disservice. How is this playing out? The team is 20-2 while Trace is having a monster season averaging 13.2 points, 7.1 assists, and 9.5 rebounds while flexing his defensive dominance with 7 blocks and 2 steals per game.  That includes 11 blocks in the game against the best team in their league which they beat as a side note and they just beat the #2 team in their league as well. There is a reason for all the buzz and hype over this team with this young star as their anchor in the middle. I think it’s safe to say that the Championship might land with them in the end. 

This versatility and defensive swagger separates Trace from the pack anywhere in the country. Add his IQ and court vision, and man this kid is special. His unselfishness and drive with passion and purpose to win is huge for any coach. Knowing Trace is gonna bring energy, hustle, grit, and toughness every moment he is on that court and understanding what winning plays look like. He spends his time perfecting his craft and digging into his education where he excels just as much with the Beta club to validate that. The ultimate blue-collar guy who’s just gonna get wins with hustle, effort, and heart that match his skills. With his size and that defensive swag, if he wins that state title with this team, a lot of eyes are going to lock in on him. They will get the total package that checks every box and a well-grounded kid with a strong character and strong morals. No worries of any kind on or off the court to be concerned with even in the classroom. His statement about this drastic improvement in his game, ” It just takes one coach to believe in you. Well said young man, well said.