Per: Kevin Moses

Landen Briley
Twitter: @landon_briley
Height: 6’3
Class of 2025
School: West Valley High School, WA

Briley is yet another dynamic stud that is a walking bucket. A smooth touch from three land. Explosive off the bounce and a crafty finisher. Double team no matter this young star powers right through to get his shot off or create for others and Landon can deliver some jaw-dropping dimes. His first step is a killer. Landen finished with 58pts, 15rebs, and 9ast sin two games this week. On the hills of 44pt explosion right before. Man on fire.

Davis Fogle
Twitter: @davisfogle4
Height: 6’6
Class of 2025
School: Anacortes High School, WA

Fogle is an electrifying student who just went off this last game. He is an incredible offensive punisher with unlimited range, and nasty handles and makes rim-rocking finishes that are just ruthless. This star can kill a defender anywhere on the court and just elevates right over most defenders. Fearless. Davis finished with 48pts and 16reb in 3 quarters of work. Follow a 43-point game prior. Special!!

Hunter Beenken
Height: 6’3, 180
Class of 2025
School: Horizon Christian Academy, GA

Beenken is the ultimate blue-collar stud and this team’s heart. He consistently leads them across the stat column impacting every area of the game. Mr. Double-double. Not only is he a consistent scorer and rebounder, he brings a scrappy defensive swagger. He is strong and fierce on both ends. His athleticism shines bright. Hunter finished with 37pts, 25 reb, 4ast, 6stls, and 2blk in two wins this week.

Camden Edmonds
Twitter: @EdmondsCamden
Height: 6’6
Class of 2024
School: West Stokes High School, NC

Edmonds put on a clinic against the #1 team in the state and though it’s a little late Camden deserved this opportunity. He has had multiple incredible games this season as he has elevated his game and is having a monster season. Check his page, you will be thoroughly impressed as Camden is a legit game changer. This 47pts dazzling display of his talent.

Deion Edwards
Twitter: @DeionEdwards24
Class of 2025
School: Spring Valley High School, Indiana

Edwards was absolutely amazing in his last two games. Breaking Larry Bird’s record with 56 points in a game is massive and puts this young star in an elite status. He was a lethal triple-threat scoring option but did so much more. In the game he broke this record he added 14reb, 4ast, and 3stls. He added another 23 points yesterday.