By: Kevin Moses

Karter Wilson
Twitter: @KarterWils84855
Height: 6’2, 185
Class of 2025
School: Wonderview High School

Wilson is an imposing force in the paint and fierce finisher. Karter loves to run the floor and finish strong at the rim or kick it to an open teammate. As a facilitator, he drops some nice dimes. Talk about putting pressure on a defense with that high IQ, speed, and athleticism; scrappy nature. Always plays with poise and under control. He finds ways to punish the defense but his outstanding defensive swagger is just as clear as he picks pockets like taking candy from a baby. Karter loves battling to reel in every rebound he can grab. Karter is hungry to keep developing and improving his game. Last season Karter averaged 11 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists. Karter’s biggest improvement has been being more explosive off the bounce getting to the rim even through contact. His goals for this season are to average 20 points a game while constantly gobbling up rebounds, while helping his team win the district. Karter wants to continue to perfection on a high level. Coaches should know Karter brings high energy and IQ with ability to stretch the floor and explode into the gaps without drawing a ton of charges. Karter will also be relentless trying to gobble up boards. With strong defensive impact too. Karter is the total package. Incredible work ethic. Through 9 games, Karter is averaging 14 points, 11 rebounds, 6 assists, 1.5 steals, and 2.5 blocks. The double-double statement is made and the tone is set for a strong season.

Noah Payne
Twitter: @NoahPayne0
Height: 6’3, 175
Class of 2025
School: St. Mary’s Memorial High School, OH

Payne is yet another dynamic young sniper with a ton of speed and athletic ability. With unlimited range Noah uses that beautiful rain maker from deep as his calling card yet he is quite capable of exploding off the bounce and beating you with a nasty first step and that athletic ability to finish from mid-range or at the rim. And he is an outstanding perimeter defender. Noah is a natural leader who is very vocal on defense and getting guys in the right spots. Noah takes a lot of pride in his defense and is one of his favorite parts of the game. His work ethic keeps him striving to improve his skills both offensively and defensively. Noah is a game changer on both sides of the ball. During the AAU season averaging 21 points per game with a high shooting percentage which is where I first saw him. This kid was clutch and the things I saw were jaw-dropping of how gifted this gem was. Even down in Orlando at the world championship Noah averaged 18 points a game and helped his team finish 3rd out of a 64-team bracket.  Noah’s favorite memory was dropping a 40-piece on 10 threes in a game. During last season on a loaded team Noah was the 7th man off the bench and averaged 3 points and 2 assists in 4-5 minutes of play. So, the improvement and development through all the hard work he put in is evident in summer numbers.  He increased his vertical by 6 inches in the last 8 months while getting stronger as he dedicated himself to getting better every single day. His passion and hunger to be elite drives this young star and that competitive edge to win as one the best fuels that fire and determination. Some goals for Noah this season are to maintain a 15-point scoring average while doing whatever it takes to help his team to the State Playoffs. Noah already holds a D2 offer from Frostburg State and many interests from Juco, D3s and NAIA schools. He also has D1 interest from Colorado who have connected with his AAU coach. If you all want to see some tremendous ball play, you got to get to Ohio and catch this show!!

Anthony Boswell
Twitter: @kingbozzyy
Height: 6’2, 180
Class of 2024
School: Woodland High School, CA

Boswell is a solid triple-threat scoring option with tight handles. Anthony can really bring the rain from deep but can attack off the bounce just as effectively. A high IQ and can facilitate the offensive very well making game-winning plays. Can deliver a sweet time and fuel a fast break off the boards quickly. And a strong defensive swagger. Even when switched into bigger players in the post , Anthony understands how to use his body to give that diode some work. Versatile enough to play anywhere the coach needs him. Anthony compares his game to CP2 or Andrew Wiggins. Last season Anthony averaged 15.7 points, and 13.5 rebounds a game. A testimony to the hustle, energy, and impact of this nice double-double.. During the AAU session Anthony averaged 15.5 points, 2.3 assists, 13.1 rebounds, and 3.6 blocks. setting the stage for a breakout season. His favorite memory from the AAU session was hitting clutch game-winning free throws. . Anthony’s biggest improvement from last year was his confidence. That motivated him to elevate his game to get that double average lights a fire within him knowing he can be the best player out there if he just plays his game and lets his skills do all the talking..Anthony’s goal is to keep elevating those skills while building his confidence to bring an offer from a good school willing to use and develop his talent well while allowing to live his dream of next level basketball that has been his life for so long.

Dayden Rogers
Twitter: @DaydenRoge19092
Height: 6’3, 180
Class of 2026
School: Banks High School, OR

Rogers is a gifted and athletic three-point specialist with a silky-smooth touch. Electric off the bounce and a fierce finisher. Can score even through contact with ease. Dayden plays at his own pace and knows he can score with the ball in his hands whenever he wants and however he wants. Plays with edge and swagger to his game. He knows he can impose his will on any defender and can use his speed to get to the cup. Dayden is a strong triple-threat scoring option who can do it with either hand around the rim. A solid defender and can really mix it up on the boards. Dayden’s biggest improvement has been his vertical and his strength. Living in the weight room all summer has allowed him to maximize his skills and go to another level with added strength. Dayden’s favorite AAU memory was exploding for 36 points torching the nets with eight three-pointers. He was on fire and couldn’t miss. Dayden’s goal for the upcoming season is to lead his team to a regional championship while averaging a double-double along the way. with points and rebounds. Dayden’s shooting ability, athleticism, and lockdown defensive ability is what set him apart. Add that to his ability to gobble up boards and he is an impact player for any program. With aspirations of playing D1 level, Dayden works hard to master his craft and perfect those nice skills. Understanding exposure matters too, he knows he always has to perform at a high level and let his game speak loud and clear. But Dayden has a clear understanding that playing this beautiful game at any level is a true blessing and does take any opportunity that is a good fit for granted, despite the division level. This will be a strong season for Dayden. Keep a close eye on his development and leadership as he leads his team well.

Jay-Juan Gould
Twitter: @jayjuangould
Height: 6’2, 170
Class of 2024
School: Arizona PHHoenix Prep EIBC

Gould is a dynamic athlete that can impact any game on both ends of the floor. He has nice speed and athletic ability. He is a strong triple-threat scoring option with explosive moves and a fierce finisher. Can drop some really sweet dimes. Jay-Juan is a tenacious defender, mixes it up on boards well. A true game-changer. He was compared to Shawn Marion when he was younger but now they call him baby Khawi. In the AAU session Jay-Juan averaged 19 points, 8 assists, 6 steals, 4 rebounds and two blocks. Received Prep Hoops Top 250 standout, Southern Arizona Showcase Top 20, Area Codes Top 20 standout. Phenom National Camp invite by Daijon McMillian standing out at the Ball Dawgs Championship in Las Vegas. Jay-Juan’s favorite accomplishment from the AAU season was playing Rod Wave Elite and standing out on the big stage. Also the Pangos Under the Radar report written by GC3. Coaches need to know what separates Jay-Juan from other players is his motor that never stops. That tenacious defense is special. His court vision and IQ are incredible as the numbers show he can impact and change a game in a variety of ways. Whatever the coach needs, Jay-Juan can deliver. He is a D1 talent that can be an instant impact. But Jay-Juan is looking for the best opportunity regardless of division level.