By: Kevin Moses

Player: Nickalai Anderson
Twitter: @Nickalai_A12
Height: 6’5, 160
Class of 2026
School: South Haven High School, TN

Anderson is an electrifying athlete with explosive hops and rim-rocking finishes. He is an explosive slasher and will put a poster jam on you in a flash. He attacks the gaps with nasty cuts and once he elevates, it is game over for any defender. He runs the floor extremely well and he loves the showtime finishes with power and emphasis. Yet he has a humble, quiet demeanor until he gets that crack in your defense and silently punishes you. Nickalai gobbles up boards like candy and is without a doubt a fierce rim protector. In the AAU Session, Nickalas averaged 17 points and 7 rebounds, but from what I saw in this showcase, this budding star is just gearing up and understanding just how good he can become. Nickalas’s biggest improvement has been his defense, and it showed big time right before my eyes. Nickalai’s goal for the upcoming season is to lead his team to a state championship while averaging a double-double. This young star is hungry to make a statement.  What sets Nickalai apart is his length and athleticism. Mixed with speed and a high motor, he provides a huge punch on both ends. His ability to beat the defense down the floor at his size is impressive and his IQ to make violent cuts.  He is going to attack that rim with such grit and power, no one is going to block his shot, just simply have to look out below. Never seen such a natural ability in a kid this young with that size. and speed. Certainly keeping an eye on this young star.

Player: Sam Parson
Twitter: @SamParson15
Height: 6’3, 185
Class of 2025
School: Grundy Co. High School, TN

Parson is yet another electric high-energy performer in this showcase. Sam is a strong and scrappy guard who battles every possession. Tough and gritty who loves getting his nose in there for that blue-collar dirty work. Sam has a knack for getting himself open with or without the ball. With tight handles and crafty moves, he can create space to get quality shots off with ease or use constant motion to get into the seam and gaps for high-quality shots. And you got to know he can bring the rain from deep with a silky-smooth touch. Sam can deliver some jaw-dropping passes which fuels his team in constant action knowing if they break free or get solid position. Sam loves getting after the boards among the bigs. He takes it as a challenge to own every rebound and loose ball. Sam is a tenacious defender which establishes him as the total package that checks every box. During the AAU session, Sam averaged 12.3 points, 7.2 rebounds, 6.3 steals, 1.3 blocks and 2.0 steals. Last season, Sam averaged 21.8 points a game, 11.6 rebounds, 4.3 assists, 2.6 blocks, and 4.3 steals. Last season Sam’s biggest improvement was scoring the ball, almost adding 10 points a game which won him the honor of Co-MVP of the district. Sam’s favorite accomplishment of the AAU session was winning the last 16 games with his team. Team is the key as Sam has much love for the squad that came together and got it done. Sam’s goal for the upcoming season is to win the district tournament outright. He led his team to the state championship for a chance to win it all. What sets Sam apart from everyone else is his mental toughness that says you may be faster, can jump higher, maybe shoot better, or be a better overall player but you will never outwork me. I will give everything I got until my body doesn’t allow him too and then prove it by letting this play do all the talking. And I am an eyewitness. He literally set himself apart in impressive fashion. This mentality has guided Sam this far and will continue to guide him as he pushes hard to reach his dream.