By: Kevin Moses

Peyton Brown
Twitter: @peytonbrown
Height: 6’1, 165
Class of 2024
School: St. Albans High School, WV 

Brown is an explosive and crafty combination guard who can fill up the stat sheet in a hurry.  Peyton is a dynamic triple-threat scoring option with nice blow-by speed and shifty athletic ability that helps him create his own shots with ease. Great elevation to shoot over defenders once he gets into the seams of the lane. Silky smooth rainmaker from deep. He can deliver a nice dime. Even can be trusted to get a few boards. Peyton thrives on attacking the rim the most with electrifying moves. Defensively, Peyton is a tenacious nightmare for opponents with a fierce scrappy attitude that he is going to block the shot or get a steal. Never doubt no matter the level of the shot by his counterpart he is doing to get that. Peyton didn’t play AAU but used that time to train with semi-pro and Argentinian pro Chris Johnson who is currently playing in Morocco.  The focus was developing a higher IQ, finishing, and his core on the pro level in preparation for the upcoming season and beyond. Last season, Peyton was averaging about 14 points in the first four games but has really elevated that number close to 16+ per game and improved his assists and rebounding as well. Coaches should know what separates Peyton from the rest is his fire and drive to excel being underrated and facing so many challenges, Peyton has learned to be humble.  He doesn’t have to be the best on the team but uses those hard challenges as defining lessons to develop his character and uses them as motivation to achieve and overcome anything that comes his way and makes success even sweeter.  That’s mental toughness at its best. Peyton has already committed to Greensboro College and Coach Jim Boone at the D3 level. 

Parker Watts
Twitter: @parker_watts13
Height: 6’2, 170
Class of 2025
School: Tolsia High School, WV AKA “Big Country ”

Watts is an electric stud with a ton of athleticism and explosive moves. A real high flyer that has a high IQ and quick hands that nets a ton of steals and deflections. Run the court very well with his nice speed. In his best season ever he has exploded into one of the best players in the whole state. A triple threat scoring option and gobbles up boards like candy. He can drop some sweet dimes. He was nominated for Standout Player of the first half of the season based on him averaging 23.7 points, 10.6 rebounds, 4.4 assists, 2.8 steals, and 1.1 blocks per game.

Ty Glasper
Twitter: @GlasperTy
Height: 6’1, 180
Class of 2025
School: Gatlinburg-Pittman, TN

Glasper is a walking bucket. An amazing triple-threat scoring machine. Creative and crafty at getting buckets. But Ty isn’t one-dimensional as he drops a sweet dime. Defensively he is tenacious and aids in getting easy buckets. During the first half of this season, Ty broke into the elite 2000-point club. The stats that earned Ty this nomination to be considered for the Standout Player for the first half of the season are 28. 9 points, 5.5 assists, and 2.7 steals. With a 60-point game to his credit this season and 10 (3s) in that game.

Daniel Cochran
Twitter: @Daniel_Cochran
Height: 6’7, 215
Class of 2024
School: Brentwood High School

Cochran is a beast that has come into his own on another level this season. Daniel is a fierce competitor and a rock-solid triple threat-scoring option. With a combination of speed, power, and athleticism, he goes to work out there. Crafty and explosive off the bounce and a fierce finisher. Gobbles up boards with the best out there. Daniel is the leader every coach wants on the floor, especially in crunch time. He thrives in the big moment to deliver. These are the stats that I decided make him a candidate for Standout Player for the first half of the season. Daniel is averaging 23 points, 9.7 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 blocks per game. Oh, and he joined that 1000-point club along the way.

Kymani Weathers
Twitter: @kymaniweathers
Height: 6’8, 185
Class of 2026
School: The Villagers Charter High School, FL

Weathers is a dynamic young gem who is extremely versatile with a polished skill set. Kymani uses his greatness to his advantage to be a match-up nightmare.  An absolute beast in the paint area where facing up and attacking off the bounce or with his back to the basket for strong post moves. Outstanding footwork and tight handles with the ball. But he isn’t one-dimensional which causes the defense all sorts of problems.  Kymani is a very efficient three-point shooter.  He never forces that long bomb but is incredibly good at making them. He has a high IQ, reads defenses well, and with good court vision makes dazzling passes and can fuel the transition game off rebounds or defensive turnovers.  And Kymani plays outstanding defense and thrives being a ruthless rim protector. Blocking shots is his calling card.  A coach’s dream leader out there. In the AAU session playing for the Night Ryder Elite of the EYBL, Kymani averaged 3.1 points, 3 rebounds, and .4 assists in 12.6 minutes of play. His favorite highlight was scoring 17 points and adding 10 rebounds for a statement double-double against The Florida Rebels. Last season Kymani averaged 3.1 points, 3 rebounds, .9 blocks, and 4 assists as a freshman playing varsity.  Kymani’s goal for this season is to help his team repeat as district and regional champs and win a state title, which they lost in that Championship game last year. Kymani got a good taste of winning and is hungry to get back there and cut down those nets. Coaches should know that Kymani ‘s high IQ and passion for defense are what sets him apart from others. And with his size, his passing ability is a special thing.