By: Kevin Moses

Player: Jayden Barton
Twitter: @JaydenBarton_
Height: 6’3
Class of 2026
School: Sevier Co. High School

Barton is yet another dynamic stud out of east TN. He is a triple threat scoring option but always looking for the perfect play for the best scoring opportunity. He has a beautiful touch from downtown but is explosive off the bounce to get shots for himself or others as a dazzling passer. Jayden has an incredible IQ and court vision, seeing plays actually as they develop quickly. Jayden is the perfect floor general and the defenses worst nightmare. With his size and shooting ability he demands lots of attention, yet with that court vision and passing ability he keeps the defense guessing. Jayden really stretches the floor and has the third highest VPS (Value Point System) score on the team behind only Reed Ownby and Caleb Tanwater. And he is a scrappy defender with anticipation skills through the roof and gets a ton of steals, turning them into instant offense. Blocks shots and rebounds understanding his size and athleticism are a bonus to elevate his game even more.

As a freshman playing varsity, Jayden was the third leading scorer and was one of the main reasons Sevier Co. was able to make a deep run all the way to the State Playoffs according to Coach Wright. Coach says Jayden is aggressive on the offensive side of the ball, plays defense hard and deflects lots of passes and is one of our main rebounders. On senior night of that season, Jayden made 5-6 three pointers against Karns. In the Sub-State, he scored 15 points against that same team to make it to the State Playoffs!  In the Rocky Top Fall league, Jayden avenged 21 points per game playing up against juniors and seniors. Currently he is number 7 on the scoring leaders list at the Rocky Top league. The biggest improvement from last season has been Jaydens athleticism making him more explosive than ever. Jaydens goals for this season is to help his team win the District while making the All-District first team, to win the region championship and return to the State Tournament and get to that State Championship to battle for the chance to be the best in the State when the final buzzer sounds. Dreams of cutting down the nets.

Coaches need to know his ability to stretch the floor with his shooting and with his court vision, pick a defense apart with pinpoint passing. Already this season through the first 6 games, Jayden is averaging 13.3 points, second on the team in 28 minutes. Adding 6 rebounds, 0.7 steals, 0.3 blocks and 3.2 assists. In every one of these categories Jayden is the team leader, as a SOPHOMORE playing with at least one other player who is likely to be an all-state performer in his own rite.  The last two games stats, Vs Gattlingburg Pittman and #7 Ty Glasper (25′) and #60 Carlos Orr (24″) 16 points, 2 rebounds, 6 assists, and 5 steals. Vs Northview Academy on 12/1/23 19 points, 4 rebounds, 7 assists, and 4 steals. Get him locked in on your radar now. Don’t miss a minute.