By: Kevin Moses

Player: Jay Taylor
Twitter: @jayallenturner
Height: 6’4, 190
Class of 2024
School: Charleston Catholic High School

Taylor is yet another dynamic gem who is a triple-threat scoring machine. A versatile athletic combo guard who can be an imposing force overpowers defenders with a dazzling array of crafty and creative moves. Fierce and explosive off the bounce and a ruthless finisher. Mix it up on the boards very effectively. Can drop a nice dime. Jay is an outstanding defender! Jay’s biggest improvement since last year has been his outside shooting and his playmaking. Jay’s confidence in shooting is through the roof. Putting in the hard work of a single hour every day whether early in the morning, during the day, or last night you will find Jay grinding to elevate his skill more and more. During the AAU session, Jay ran the point while working on being a facilitator, gathering the art of reading the defense, maximizing his playmaking ability to get everyone involved, and controlling the tempo of the game. Last season he averaged 20.6 points, 7.6 rebounds, 2.7 assists, 1.8 steals, 0.9 blocks. And this season Jay has set his goals to win the state championship, the Gatorade POTY ,1st team all-state, and Kanawha Valley Captains as he prepares for the next level.

Player: Gabriel Parks
Twitter: @GabrielParks26
Height: 6’0 ft, 160
Class of 2026
School: Lawton Chiles High School

Parks is a three-point specialist. Lethal from downtown with unlimited range and beautiful touch. High energy and can attack off the bounce effectively as well. He has tight handles that help him get to open spots or blow by defenders. Does not need much space and it's a clean shot the moment it leaves his hands, we know it's buckets. Gabriel is a solid off-ball defender as well. Gabriel's biggest improvements have been his handles, defensive IQ, and movement. His biggest AAU accomplishment was nailing 8 threes and finishing with 26 points in Wichita, KS. Last season, Gabrial averaged 11 points, 2 rebounds, and 2 assists. Gabriel has set goals to win the district while averaging 18 points, 4 rebounds, and 4 assists along the way. Easy to see the work Gabriel puts in as his three-point shot has become an impressive weapon that’s natural and smooth. It will carry his team to many wins this upcoming season, and it’s going to be massive as he continues to add that defensive awareness and elevated IQ.

Player: Ethan Rosenau
Twitter: @Ethan_rosenau10
Height: 6’2, 190
Class of 2024
School: Tucker County High School

Rosenau is a high IQ three-point specialist shooting around a 48 percent clip. A real sniper who can catch fire in a hurry. But Ethan isn’t one-dimensional. Effective off the bounce getting past defenders if necessary. Masterfully surveys the floor anticipating his next move in advance. Ethan thrives in controlling the pace and won’t allow defenders to speed him up; he is composed and poised. Ethan’s biggest improvement has been his ability to get to the basket and finish strong. He added a little bounce to his game too. Last year, Ethan scored 178 points going 68/136 shooting, 34 rebounds, 23 assists, and 10 steals, impacting his team and making it to the state championship. Ethan’s goal for the upcoming season is to win the state championship game. It’s going to be a monster season for Ethan. Understanding the moment and locked in on his goal, it will take big things from him.

Player: Riley Brown
Twitter: @Riley_ Brown0
Height: 6’3 , 192
Class of 2024
School: Washington County High School

Brown is a versatile wing with the size to dominate the post. Riley is a knockdown shooter from outside at 43 percent clip, a true sniper. But he has deceptive speed and ball-handling ability and will blow by defenders for strong finishes at the rim. He can play effectively even with his back to the basket with nice footwork and crafty moves. Riley is an extremely efficient player who’s going to play at his own pace. Riley is also a solid passer, so the double team is a bad idea. Nice court vision. No one speeds him up or makes him play outside his comfort zone. He can score from anywhere on the floor. Defensively, Riley can guard the 1-4. Long and tenacious on that side of the ball. In the AAU session, Riley averaged 13 points, 6 rebounds, and 5 assists. Riley’s biggest improvements were his ball handling and his maturity level. Really high-level basketball IQ. Riley’s favorite moment was hitting the game-winner in Louisville, KY at the Mid-America Center.'

Player: Dylan Hall
Twitter: @DylanLhall10
Height: 6’0 ,165
Class of 2026
School: Friendswood High School

Hall is a three-point specialist who torches the nets with that silky smooth touch. Dylan is a fierce combo guard with wicked handles he uses to get an advantage over defenders with a devastating first step to get downhill in a flash and easily finishes. Uncontainable blow by speed-breaking ankles off the bounce. But can deliver sweet dimes with his high IQ and court vision. As much as Dylan loves to score, he loves to fuel his teammates as well. But Dylan proves himself in his defense as well. Intensely passionate on that end of the floor, Dylan is scrappy and tenacious getting up into his opponents forcing turnovers and missed shots to fuel fast breaks and easy baskets. Dylan thrives on fast-paced games.