#59 6'4 Ahmil Flowers (Greensboro)

Ahmil is one of the most athletic kids in the state that nobody talks about. Flowers was a terror in transition and on the boards, he also has the potential to be a lockdown defender. Flowers does an excellent job of utilizing his body to navigate through traffic. Ahmil best basketball is ahead of him with his ability to fill the stat sheets up.

#47 6'3 Christian Hampton (Greensboro)

Hampton has continued to steadily improve as a perimeter shooter and now forces defenses to respect him from distance. Hampton stills get downhill and attack the rim with force as well as make plays for teammates. Hampton has always been a hard nose defender, but he is also one of the better rebounders in the triad area also. With Hampton’s continued growth on the court, I would expect him to have a good summer with CP3 and his recruitment rise.

#74 6'5 Josh Banks (Charlotte)

One of the most impressive players on the day was easily Banks. Banks showed at times he was the best prospect in the event hitting shots throughout the day at a high level as well as defended multiple positions.' Banks is an elite-level athlete, especially for his size and position.

#12 5'11 Trayden Williams (Charlotte)

Williams is crafty and was able to consistently control the tempo of this contest, ultimately making the final decision on most offensive possessions. Williams gains space and separation with relative ease, he's shifty and does an incredible job of breaking down opponents off the dribble. He shot the ball very well from the perimeter, but also was able to get downhill and finish through contact at the rim.

#63 6'4 Ford Copper (Charlotte)

The point guard position has been arguably the most loaded thus far, including guys like Ford. He knows how to control the game and tempo extremely well while consistently making plays off the dribble. Ford is a long intelligent floor general with great poise and playmaking instincts. He takes care of the ball and does an excellent job of locating the open man and making the right pass. Ford is a fundamentally-sound player that is like a coach on the floor, which makes Ford more intriguing is his ability to play off the ball.

#101 6'8 Cheick Traore (Concord)

Traore is a very physical player who showed good patience in the post to score down low, he ran the floor extremely well to get easy points in transition. On the defensive end, he was amazing always encouraging his teammates to play defense getting his guys in the right spots and was very vocal.


#3 5'10 Camian Shell (Winston Salem)

Shell is a promising point guard with good court vision as well as being a gifted ball handler who always looks to set up his teammates. Shell has a stop and go type of game which keeps defenders off balance and allows him to get in the lane and finish with his NBA 2k layup package.

#21 6'0 KJ Garrett (High Point)

Garrett is a lightning quick guard who can get to any spot he wants to on the floor. Garrett has always been a pass-first point guard but now he is starting to shoot the ball from the perimeter more which should create more opportunities for him and his teammates.

#95 6'7 Dontrez Styles

People in Eastern NC knew about him for years well the whole state better know who he is now! The long, wiry, athletic wing prospect played with purpose and showed flashes of two-way potential today. He rebounded extremely well and really excelled in transition, getting to the basket and finishing at the rim. Styles is a definite college-level player and with two more years of High School left his potential is through the roof.

#14 6'8 Robert Wright (Fayetteville)

Wright is one of the top big men in the state as far as 2021. He was a bully on the block and demonstrated good footwork.' With his strength and motor, he made his presence known on the glass. I was told he has trimmed down a lot since last season and with more showing like today, he should be on a few college radars.

#49 Glenn Bynum Jr (Charlotte)

Nobody played harder throughout the Nc Top 80 than Bynum in my eyes. You win with guys like this who simply look to outwork their assignment and create havoc however possible. He sprinted from one end of the floor to the other at every opportunity and altered an abundance of shots around the basket. Bynum has solid athleticism and is willing to operate within numerous different roles on the basketball court.


#82 6'6 Daniel Sanford (Charlotte)

Sanford is a stretch forward who showed a vast amount of versatility offensively and defensively. With Sanford size he created mismatches and attacked those all day, he showed that he was comfortable operating offensively on the perimeter. Sanford does a good job on the glass especially offense playing with a relentless motor.

#6 5'11 Cameran Oates (Fayetteville)

Oates is a big-time athlete with sound slashing ability for his size that converts defense to offense.' Oates played with a passion and purpose to score at will and he did just that attacking the rim and showing his quick trigger from deep. Cam showed he could compete with the other guards in attendance and was one of the better players I saw on the day.