By: Kevin Moses

Player: Jesse Ledbetter
Twitter: @_JesseLedbetter
Height: 6’1, 175
Class of 2024
School: Southmoore High School

Ledbetter was explosive when I saw him in OKC. This electric young stud put on a high-energy shooting clinic. Any space and it is lights out for any defender. A clutch performer always is ready to step into the big moment, but what makes him a real problem is he can explode off the bounce and be downhill, and with that blow-by speed, its game over as you can count that bucket. Jesse is also a master facilitator and can be a dazzling playmaker. Tough and thriving in physical playstyle can't contain this young star, he welcomes it. It's crazy how good Jesse is at gobbling up boards as if he has magnets in his hands. Jesse is a lockdown, tenacious defender on or off the ball as he disrupts the offensive flow with steals and deflections that lead to turnovers. Jesse was a stick of dynamite that exploded right before our eyes. His mindset is the bigger and more intense the game, the better.

Player: Myles Herro
Twitter: @herromyles2
Height: 6’1
Class of 2025
School: Whitnall High School

Herro is one of the best floor generals in Wisconsin. Myles wants to be the perfect point guard. He can shoot the three or be electric off the bounce with crafty moves and nasty handles. He freezes defenders with crafty moves to get shots off. Strong finisher when he attacks off the bounce. Myles can be shifty and creative, but it’s those jaw-dropping passes that make him stand out from the pack. He can rise up and hit clutch shots, but is a better facilitator than such the defense has to respect his scoring ability. A dazzling display of athleticism captivated fans watching him play. Mixing it on the boards as well. This gifted young star led a loaded Herro EYBL team well over the summer and was an amazing facilitator fueling and micromanaging that squad. Understood his role and did it well. Myles’s biggest improvement was his leadership role as the facilitator allowing others to thrive off his energy and IQ. Making the right plays at the right time while controlling the flow of the game, especially in tight games down the stretch. His decision-making was clutch on more than one occasion, he turned up his game. No challenge too big for him to face.

Player: Stefan Soh
Twitter @sxsohh
Height: 6ft, 170
Class of 2024
School: NCGBB

Soh is a man amongst boys out there. Stefan is an elite shooter and a triple-threat scoring option who is big-boy strong. But Stefan is a solid passer who loves getting his teammates involved. He thrives on making the right plays every time but that defense is his calling card. Stefan is a dog. Relentless and the best on-ball defender in this class. He hangs his hat on the fact he can lock up anyone. Stefan is a high-energy stud who is infectious to his team and energizes everyone to play even harder. Never takes a play off on either end and pushes his opponents to the max.

Player: Diezel Davis
Twitter: @Diezel_Davis7
Height: 5’10, 135
Class of 2025
School: Okay High School

Davis is an electrifying young stud who is a lethal shooter. I watched this gem right here light up three straight games. Never forced one shot but when it left his hands, you knew it was money. A beautiful touch from deep but just punishing off the bounce with crazy speed. He got to the rim so fast, a blink and you’d miss him. Kid has a very high IQ, is a team-first player, and picks the perfect moments to do his scoring. And Diezel is one of the most fundamentally sound players out there. He boxes out well, quick to help defense which led to many steals or turnovers that led to easy points. The scrappiest player in the building. Diezel surveys the court with every touch, if you're the open man or make the right cuts, he will find you. But you can't play off because he will light you up. Don’t let the size fool you. Diezel is a baller. He averaged 17 points, 5 assists, 5 rebounds, and 2 steals per game. Diezel shoots at a smoking hot 54 percent from three. The biggest improvement Diezel made was the quick pull-up from anywhere on the floor. He made it look easy. Thrives on making the right plays every time. But that defense is his calling card. Stefan is a dog. Relentless and the best on-ball defender in this class. He hangs his hat on the fact he can lock up anyone.

Player: Micah Estelle
Twitter: @micah_estelle
Height: 6’5, 200
Class of 2024
School: Hopkins High School, Michigan

Estelle is a strong gritty old school big who knows how to work the post to perfection. A ton of putbacks. Micah can score with a great lefty advantage. Mastered the hook shot and is fierce with his back to the basket with nice footwork. Micah is also a good passer off that block but he shines as one of the best low post defenders in the state and also is a knockdown-help defender. With that height and long wingspan, he can block out the sun on opponents. Micah’s biggest improvement over the summer was his confidence. He became a legitimate leader. Micah’s favorite highlight was traveling with the team and winning the Lad Vegas tournament bracket. Last season Micah played 22 games shooting 57 percent and scored 128 points, adding 14 assists, 30 blocks, 20 steals taking two charges, and 174 rebounds (85 offensive/ 89 defensive). That right there is blue-collar magic. Micah thrives doing the tough, dirty, work inside. Micah has set a goal to play a crucial role on his team as a leader on and off the court. The passion to bring out the best in his team and have a fun senior year.

What sets Micah apart is his work ethic on and off the court. He just outworks everyone out there. Nonstop hustle from end to end. That great help defense can’t be overlooked. Micah shuts down the lane unmercifully, with no free shots on his house. Micah is fundamentally sound with a variety of post moves, different than most. Some might consider Micah undersized for a post player but know he had always played great against bigger players with his physical strength being a solid equalizer