Keontae is an extremely athletic and quick guard with a strong upper body and excellent scoring instincts. I have watched him blossom from a high volume scorer mainly taking advantage of his shot making prowess and range into a quality playmaker over the last two seasons. He credits his trainer Frank White in addition to King's Fork HS Head Coach Rick Hite for helping him develop into a more complete guard and helping him transition from a scorer to a high level playmaker. He has a great feel for the game and solid vision and has been a bigger impact on the scoreboard now that he has begun to maximize his playmaking potential as he gets teammates involved and moves the basketball well. He can score in a multitude of ways including slashing, pulling up from midrange and shooting from deep, he has a quick release and gets good elevation on his shot demonstrating sound shot mechanics. Keontae comfortably hits the trail jumper and can score off the bounce or in catch and shoot scenarios. He has an outstanding first step from both a stand still position and off the dribble and is an explosive leaper able to finish above the rim. He is especially quick with the ball in the open court and has great shiftiness that allows him to get to the rim at will. Keontae possesses a tight handle and does a terrific job of changing gears which makes him so difficult to stay in front of. He has excellent lateral quickness and stop and start ability that keeps defenders off balance. He uses a quick, hard crossover dribble to breakdown defenders and combines elite level quickness and a strong upper body to assert himself enroute to the rim and to create separation for the jumper. As a passer he demonstrates the ability to make all the passes whether it's a penetrate and kick or feeding the post. He delivers the ball on target and in a timely manner where his teammates can make a play. Excellent at passing off the dribble! On the defensive end his athleticism and quickness coupled with the great energy he brings allows him to not only contain the dribble effectively but makes him someone to account for as a help defender. He anticipates well and has the quickness to pick off passes, he moves his feet and can help and recover nicely. Keontae brings great toughness and sets the tone on both ends of the floor. He averaged over 15ppg as a freshman and while he is capable of scoring somewhere around 20ppg he has become a more productive player seeking to get teammates involved and take advantage of his talent as both a facilitator and a scorer and does a terrific job with a good mix of both. Keontae has become an impact playmaker and a next level prospect worthy of attention from college coaches. He is a 1st team All Conference selection and also earned All Class 4, Region A honors in basketball.

Current Windsor High School Coach Erik Johnson has worked with Keontae off and on for a couple of years and coached his brother while an assistant coach at Lakeland High School. He has this to add: Keontae is one of the most dedicated players in the 757 to his craft. He is cut from the same cloth as his brother Dequan (former Lakeland HS star) in terms of work ethic and investment. He is willing to do anything it takes to make himself and those around him better basketball players and people. He is the type of player any coach would love to build a program around and players would love as a teammate.