Darius Kane

2023 Caden Fitzgibbons (WS Christian): Fitzgibbons has been a name that continues to pop up with his play. He has had a strong summer and offseason so far, and he is a name to keep an eye on this upcoming season with WS Christian.  Fitzgibbons has shown that he can be a scorer on the floor, as he has had several occasions in which he posts 20+ points while also being active on the glass.  He is an athletic prospect that excels in transition, can finish at the rim, and knock down shots.  Good explosion in his game and could be a name to watch for.

2023 Darius Kane (HP Christian): Kane is a name that continues to slide under the radar but he has proven to be effective on the court, makes his presence felt on both sides, and plays hard on the floor.  Kane was the go-to leader for High Point Christian last year in their playoff run and he will once again be the leader for this group, as he continues to show his ability to get downhill, score and attack defenses, and play with tremendous energy. Watch out for this young man to continue to have a big impact on the floor.

2023 Corey Gaines (Gaston Christian): Gaines is one that doesn't always get the spotlight for his team but I have a feeling that he is going to be a name you hear more about as a senior this year.  Gaston Christian lost some key guys and this is a chance for Gaines to really showcase his impact both offensively and defensively.  He is a scrappy guard defensively that sets the tone but he also is a tough, high-motor guard that can make plays, knock down shots, and be a leader on the court. 

2023 McCaskill Rivers (East Gaston): Rivers is one that I've mentioned quite a few times and think that he is still one that can help a team and continue to develop.  Rivers has nice size at 6'7, he is coming off a strong season in which he showed he can be effective offensively (18.3ppg) and be effective on the boards (11.3rpg).  But we have also seen that he is continuing to add to his game, stretch his game out as a forward, and only get better. He is another that will be interesting to watch as a senior at East Gaston.

2023 Boston Smith (Carmel Christian): Smith has a chance to be a name that only rises up the ranks and earn more attention his way. He will be playing on a national team in Carmel Christian and will get his opportunity to shine.' If you haven't seen Smith play yet, he is quite explosive and can finish at the rim with flash.' But he is also a smart guard, plays with a ton of energy, and can really be a strong presence on defense.' Smith though has a chance to shine even more on the big stage, as he will be yet another prospect to keep an eye on.